I'm not a huge fan of cooking with butter. Not because it's supposed to be unhealthy, but because it requires taking out the stick from the fridge, getting a knife, and unintentionally cutting a diagonal slice. So I go for the oil. But guess what—coconut oil, which I love, is as inconvenient!

I've been told many times and also just assumed that coconut oil is the much healthier alternative compared to other types of fat. Other than that, there should be several pros to coconut oil. However, there are a few things about coconut oil that just gets me so annoyed. Can you relate?

PRO: You feel better about yourself when you eat desserts.

Even if you're not one of those health enthusiasts inspired by health articles, you probably believe that coconut oil is much healthier than any other option for oils or fats. Scientifically speaking, coconut oil is 92% saturated fat, meaning there is a loooot of artery-clogging potential.

Regardless, it's good for digestion, so it has to be healthy, right? Which leads to baking with coconut oil instead of butter. Which leads to convincing yourself that since your cookies are made with ~healthy~ fats, it's perfectly okay to have just a few more, and then the whole batch.

PRO: Your skin radiates like the sun on a sunny day.

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Cara Waterman

Or at least you hope that it does. Since there are so many legit beauty products out there and DIY scrubs, cleansers, and masks, there must be actual magical things in coconut oil that make your skin better, right? In fact, Coconut oil's saturated fats allow the skin to stay super moisturized, leaving a smooth and even tone. What's even better is that this natural oil soaks into your skin deeper than other products because of the way the coconut oil bonds with your body's proteins.

PRO: It's an alternative to animal fat.

Finally! Something else to break the preconceived notion that vegans have nothing to eat! More opportunities for vegan food! It's not like I will ever fully go vegan, but I completely respect and support those who have the dedication and drive to be vegan. You do you.

CON: It comes in a jar.

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Jina Kim

Jars are great. They hold lots of things that need to be kept in a jar. Like jam. And peanut butter. And pickles. But when it comes to coconut oil, having it in a jar is a pain. I'm used to swiveling my bottle of olive oil in the pan, and that gets the job done pretty quickly. With coconut oil, you have to take out a spoon, scoop the solid/liquid substance, then hold the spoon above your pan as you wait for it to finally plop onto the pan. Then you need to wash that spoon. Why so complicated, coconut oil producers?

CON: Cooking sprays are unnecessarily expensive.

Yes, I am aware that coconut oil cooking sprays exist and they can be found at Trader Joe's. However, I know I'm not willing to spend so much more on these fancy cooking sprays that would make me feel like a vlogger because it's just not worth it. Plus, there is a lot of speculation that cooking sprays are bad for your health. Once again, coconut oil producers step up your game.

If you're reading this, you probably are already an avid user of coconut oil or are on the road to becoming one. If so, hopefully, you understand my love and frustration towards to this delicacy that isn't really a delicacy.