When I first saw coconut shells being used as bowls I thought it was just for the aesthetic — who hasn't seen one of these pop up in their Instagram feed? However, after looking into them more, I quickly found out coconut bowls aren't just a trendy way to serve smoothies and snacks. These bowls offer a simple way to help reduce waste and support artisans around the world. 

Charlotte Ross

I first saw coconut bowls on earthyandy, a Hawaiian plant-based Instagram account. The account posts photos of healthy meals served in these bowls that always look super tasty and fun, so I decided to order some for myself. I went to the official Coconut Bowls site, which is where I learned these bowls are much more than just trendy at-home or on-the-go dishes. 

The Story of the Coconut Bowl

Charlotte Ross

Coconut Bowls founder Jake McKeon first discovered hand-crafted coconut bowls while traveling through Bali. The trip inspired him to look deeper into why coconut bowls were so commonly used and whether they were safe to be eaten from. He found out this line of craftsmanship was actually very environmentally proactive and provided work for many Indonesian people. In fact, the coconut industry has a lot of leftover shells that are thrown into landfills or burned as waste when they don't get reused. McKeon decided to bring coconut bowls to the mainstream and created the Coconut Bowls company.

"Made by Nature, Crafted by Hand"

Charlotte Ross

The Coconut Bowls slogan is "made by nature, crafted by hand". Each bowl is reused and renewed as a unique, one-of-a-kind resource for people all around the world. No coconut bowl is the same, but each serves the same benefit to Mother Nature by maintaining her natural resources. No plastic or landfills, just trendy, sustainable and efficient dishes. 

The bowls are all-natural, bio-degradable and made entirely from coconut shells, meaning once they "retire" from use, they can be composted and no waste is left behind. Each year, 99% of coconut shells are burnt and discarded. And aside from being wasteful, "their combustion is responsible for the release of a significant amount of CO2 and methane in [our] atmosphere," Amelie Tahiti says in "5 reasons why eating in coconut bowls is awesome!"

Why I Love Them

Since ordering my coconut bowls, I have used them for several things. I was originally using them for my cut-up fruit and smoothie bowls, until realizing they are also safe for hot products. Now, I like to use them for my morning oatmeal or freshly cooked veggies and snacks throughout the day. I have found that the bowls are easy to clean by hand with warm water and soap, and are much more durable than they appear. They're also a good alternative to tupperware or plastic bags for camping. 

Charlotte Ross

I absolutely love the look of the coconut bowls, the efficiency of eating hot or cold meals in them and their eco-friendly aspect. This was one of those simple treasures that I found at random and now love to tell people about.

When I traveled through Thailand last summer I saw many similar bowls being sold at local markets, but I didn't know all their benefits at the time. These dishes help provide jobs, supports global interaction, help the environment and keep your food looking beautiful. Find them online at Coconut Bowls or similar companies, or just get out and travel the world to purchase them at local markets.