Drinking water is single-handedly the most underrated factor when it comes to staying healthy, looking youthful and vibrant, and of course, for curing hangovers. However, you're not doing yourself any good if you're drinking a water brand that doesn't align with your zodiac sign. See below for the classic water brands that work in tandem with each zodiac sign. I mean, it's in the stars, right?


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Aquarius is of the highest intellect, very independent and an uncompromising soul. It is a fixed sign belonging to the element of air. Because of this, it's only right that an Aquarius has a refrigerator stocked full of SmartWater. SmartWater is a vapor distilled water brand that is pulled from the sky and given electrolytes for its flavor. Any Aquarius could easily identify with SmartWater because it comes from the element that connects with them the deepest.


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Pisces are also known as children of water. That being said, it makes sense that the fanciest and most upscale brand of sparkling water is reserved for the people whose aura is defined by the element of water. San Pellegrino is the most bubbly water brand on the market and it can effortlessly raise the level of luxury at any event. It is a taste you'll never get tired of, but if you do, there is likely another flavor you can try to get your fix.


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If you know an Aries, they're probably one of the most courageous and confident people you know. They are very laid back, middle of the road people who don't have much to complain about. Being that they're not high maintenance in the slightest, they would prefer water from the tap simply because, why not? It's easy, accessible, and in their humble opinion, honestly tastes fine! Don't get me wrong though, Aries do like to switch it up a little from time to time. If they're looking to enjoy life's finer things you might find an Aries with a thin slice of lemon or lime in their cup, but nothing too crazy. 


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Poland Springs; on of the most popular, yet dependable brands of water we know of here on earth. Taurus in nature are some of the most loyal, stable, and practical people you'll meet. I'm sure if you know one you'll find that naturally you gravitate toward their laid back charm. The same is true for Poland Springs. For whatever reason, when given the option, people will always gravitate towards this particular water brand. Whether it's the refreshing taste or the aesthetic it gives your fridge, Poland Springs rarely ever disappoints. 


Dasani is a brand that continually is able to keep up with the times and is always changing up their image while staying true to their own mantra. This holds true for Gemini as well, since they are of the most adaptable and curious of all the zodiac signs. Dasani quenches a wide range of our demands with their relatively new line of Dasani Drops and Sparkling Water. 


Not only does Aquafina taste incredible, but its advertisements are the most creative in the game. Cancers are drawn toward Aquafina because the two share highly imaginative qualities that can persuade you into almost anything. Aquafina ads not only make you feel like it's the type of water you should be drinking, they make you feel like it's the water you need to be drinking. 


Fiji is reserved for our warm-hearted Leos who love to travel more than anything in the world. Drinking from a Fiji bottle is almost as incredible as vacationing on a tropical island. Leos are a fixed sign coming from the element of fire, which explains why they naturally are attracted to Fiji's volcanic filtered water. In a Leo's mind, there's nothing better than sitting by the beach with a bottle of Fiji in hand. 


For the crunchy-granola, nature-loving Virgo, Evian is the perfect match. The way that Virgos live their lives have a direct correlation with the earthy qualities inhabited by the Evian franchise. The company refers to their water band as a "geological miracle" since the water is harvested from an underground spring that accumulates rain and snow over the course of 15 years. Evian is all work no play, just like your typical Virgo. 


If you are lucky enough to have a Libra in your life, then you are probably very familiar with their social and well-tempered attitude. Crystal Geyser is a water brand you're most likely to catch being sold in high school cafeterias all over the country. This is because it promotes a healthy living environment as well as a tangible successful future. 


Perrier is hands down the quirkiest brand of sparkling water on the market. I have some friends who swear by it and will tell you whole heartedly that once they tried Perrier, they never went back. A Scorpio's strong and committed passion is what draws them to Perrier from the start.  


For one of the more high maintenance zodiac signs, we have the reserved Voss. A Sagittarius is very generous and idealistic. They also prefer life's finer things and refuse to settle for any less. They are naturally drawn to the sleek look of Voss water bottles and love to impress their guests by offering one whenever they can. 


Last, but most certainly not least, Capricorns should be drinking Nestle whenever possible. This filtered water ensures purity in every last drop which resonates well with the classic, responsible, and well-disciplined Capricorn. You can even have it delivered right to your doorstep.

Start 2018 with your best, most hydrated foot forward, and check out these water brands. If all else fails, get yourself a reusable water bottle and fill it up with filtered water from your Brita—every one wins in this scenario.