I always thought it was normal to have a surplus of vegetables, tofurkey, and vegetarian stuffing on top of all the regular meat dishes. Turns out that's just a family tradition, because so many of us are vegetarians (jk, only I am, but I'm a princess and want my vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner). But just like every family has its favorites, every state has its most popular Thanksgiving dishes. General Mills recently look a look at the top searches on some of its sites to find out which dish is most popular in each state, and here are the results. 

Alabama: Sausage Balls 

Who says turkey needs to be the star meat of Thanksgiving? Alabama is doing it right. They've got turkey and sausage balls. 

Alaska: Cinnamon Rolls 

cinnamon, cinnamon roll, cake
Eddie Ngai

Alaska has turned Thanksgiving dinner into Thanksgiving breakfast. Why save room for canned cranberry sauce at dinner when you can have cinnamon rolls instead?

Arizona: Shrimp 

shrimp, seafood, prawn, shellfish, scampi, scallop
Bernard Wen

Arizona, I would like to hear your justification for shrimp with Thanksgiving dinner. My tastebuds feel spooked thinking about mixing shrimp into my plate of mashed potatoes and gravy. 

Arkansas: Chicken and Dumplings 

Screw a home cooked meal, let's order chicken and dumplings from the best Chinese joint. I'm sure it's faster service on a day when no one is going to restaurants anyways. Or, you know, you could actually make the southern version. 

California: Macaroni and Cheese 

vegetable, meat, rice, Macaroni and cheese, Mac And Cheese, macaroni, cheesy
Julia Gilman

Mac and cheese fits in perfectly with the flavors of the vegetables and meats that a classic Thanksgiving dinner serves. If we're going to have a day to celebrate savory foods, mac and cheese better be involved. 

Colorado: Cranberry Sauce 

jam, sweet, berry, marmalade, gelatin, cranberry sauce, compote
Helena Lin

Colorado, you threw me for a loop. I would have guessed Massachusetts' most popular dish would be cranberry sauce, considering they produce about half of the entire United States crop.

Connecticut: Butternut Squash Soup 

garlic, bread, vegetable, parsley, cream, soup, butternut squash soup, butternut squash, bisque
Julia Gilman

Try this drool-worthy recipe for butternut squash soup this Thanksgiving and let me know your thoughts. 

#SpoonTip: Putting the leftover baked apples from your apple pie on the bottom of the soup makes it gourmet af. 

Delaware: Sweet Potato Casserole  

If your sweet potato dish tastes more like a vegetable than a pie, you're doing it wrong. Be a little more like Delaware.  

Florida: Pumpkin Cheesecake 

Pumpkin in any shape or form is a Thanksgiving-must, even if it's cheesecake. 

Georgia: Sweet Potato Casserole 

So far, sweet potato casserole is ahead by two as a popular Thanksgiving dish, and I agree. 

Hawaii: Crescent Recipes 

pastry, bread, dough, bun, crescent roll
Surina Mehta

A "crescent recipe" is broad because the ingredients of a crescent roll can range from jalapeños to bbq chicken to corn to bacon-cheddar. The possibilities are endless!

Idaho: Biscuits  

pastry, bread, dough, sweet, biscuits, scone, cake
Jocelyn Hsu

Biscuits can't be separated from their natural pair, gravy, for Thanksgiving dinner. Here's a recipe for "Southern Biscuits that'll make ya Grandma proud."

Illinois: Mashed Potatoes 

milk, cream, dairy product, mashed potatoes, butter, dairy
Caitlin Shoemaker

How are mashed potatoes only just now popping up on the popular dish list? They deserve to be #1 and we all know it. 

Indiana: Peanut Butter Cookies 

cookie, sweet, chocolate, peanut butter, peanut, oatmeal
Ellie Haun

Indiana is known for their strange peanut butter pairings, most notoriously hamburgers and peanut butter. So, it only makes sense that peanut butter cookies are included with their feast. 

Iowa: Monkey Bread 

Try this Boozy Apple Bourbon Monkey Bread for this year's Thanksgiving. I guarantee it will be a hit. 

Kansas: Pinwheels 

In Kansas, these pinwheels may be referred to as "bierocks." But, they still contain pastry dough and filling. 

Kentucky: Chicken and Dumplings 

It comes as no surprise that Kentucky includes chicken in their Thanksgiving dinner. After all, they are known for their Kentucky fried chicken, amirite?

Louisiana: Cornbread Dressing 

Didn't know your cornbread was supposed to be dressed? Me neither. But here's a cornbread dressing recipe for you to check out and get informed.

Maine: Chicken Pot Pie 

chicken, pie
Caty Schnack

Ditch the family style chicken pot pie and try making single-serving pot pies this Thanksgiving. 

Maryland: Crab Cakes 

risotto, crab, salmon, crab cakes
Jenna Lorin

Of course, crab is included in Maryland's Thanksgiving. They are famous for the blue crab, a delicacy of Chesapeake Bay. 

Massachusetts: Cheesecake 

pie, cream, cake, cheesecake, dairy product, sweet, pastry, butter
Jocelyn Hsu

Hey Massachusetts, at least Florida's cheesecake is pumpkin-flavored. Get a little more seasonal with your food please. (Although, all cheesecake is great.) 

Michigan: Chili 

Hannah Bibbo

Michigan can hit a low of 39º F in the month of November. Those frigid temperatures call for a hot soup along with Thanksgiving dinner. 

Minnesota: Green Bean Casserole 

Paul Deen's green bean casserole is to die for. Minnesotans' you have no excuse to not try it this Thanksgiving. 

Mississippi: Chicken Spaghetti 

Chicken has appeared on this list one too many times. Am I missing something? Is chicken the main meat of Thanksgiving, not turkey? My life might be a lie. 

Missouri: Breakfast Casserole 

Missouri may be onto something here. Thanksgiving shouldn't be minimized to dinner. Let's feast breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Montana: Oven Roasted Vegetables 

vegetable, broccoli, carrot, pepper, stir-fry, salad, onion
Dylan Barth

Montana knows that oven roasted veggies are a Thanksgiving-must. It's more flavorful to roast them all together rather than separately. 

Nebraska: Monkey Bread 

Monkey bread doesn't just have to be sweet. It can also be savory. Try this garlic knot monkey bread recipe. 

Nevada: Peanut Butter Cookies 

Peanut butter fits right into the "Thanksgiving flavors." It has that autumn vibe to it in that's it's super comforting, just like pumpkin.  

New Hampshire: Blueberry Pie 

dough, bread, blueberry, blueberry pie, pie, pastry, cake, sweet, cherry, cherry pie, Baking, dessert
Julia Gilman

Thanksgiving = pie! If your state's most popular Thanksgiving dish is pie, I feel you. 

New Jersey: Crab Cake 

Crab cakes with a mango chutney on top are delish. Here is a recipe I swear by. Just seems like we're steering a little bit away from Thanksgiving though, eh New Jersey?

New Mexico: Pecan Pie 

According to an article by Huffington post, pecan pie falls as number six out of the nine most popular types of American pies being eaten this Thanksgiving. 

New York: Cheesecake 

If you're going to have cheesecake this Thanksgiving, try the no-bake vanilla bean, cranberry swirl cheesecake bars pictured above. 

North Carolina: Sweet Potato Pie 

Hey North Carolinians, if you're going to serve sweet potato pie this Thanksgiving, be sure to mark it as so because it looks eerily similar to the more popular pumpkin pie. 

North Dakota: Apple Crisp 

Apple crisp takes 40 less minutes to bake and prep than apple pie. Are the people of North Dakota lazy or just great at time management?

Ohio: Buffalo Chicken Dip 

The buffalo chick dip leftovers will be great for the football viewing that happens the weekend after Thanksgiving Thursday, or the day of. 

Oklahoma: Pecan Pie 

Quick tip: Decorate your pies with pie crust cutouts and food coloring for a more festive feel. And bake the pie for half the cooking time without the decorations on, so they don't burn! 

Oregon: Bread Stuffing 

Bread stuffing is a classic! Add dried cranberries and thyme for extra flavoring.

Pennsylvania: Buffalo Chicken Dip  

Pennsylvania and Ohio border each other—maybe that's why they share this odd Thanksgiving dish in common. 

Rhode Island: Monkey Bread 

Instead of making every type of pie from pumpkin to apple to minced-meat, serve monkey bread for dessert. It will be a crowd pleaser. 

South Carolina: Sweet Potato Pie 

Another interesting Thanksgiving dish that happens to be in common with bordering states: South Carolina and North Carolina. 

South Dakota: Pumpkin Pie 

pie, pumpkin, sweet, cake, pastry
Rebecca Li

If you South Dakotans are searching for a great pumpkin pie recipe, look no further: This is it. 

Tennessee: Sausage Balls 

Just a tip: Using an ice cream scooper helps to make your sausage balls less bulgy. 

Texas: Chicken Spaghetti 

spaghetti, pasta, sauce, vegetable, meat
Rachel Williamson

Go big or go home in Texas! Chicken spaghetti is probably just the appetizer to the main course. 

Utah: Crescent Recipes 

This super easy Thanksgiving "leftover-style" crescent recipe is perrrfect. Cranberry, turkey and stuffing wrapped in a crescent roll is Thanksgiving in one bite. 

Vermont: Butternut Squash Soup 

Serve your butternut squash soup in the hollowed out squash, or add a little Vermont maple syrup to change it up this season. 

Virginia: Mac and Cheese 

sauce, pasta, macaroni, cheese, meat, vegetable, basil, spaghetti
Tiare Brown

Mac and cheese is really a most popular Thanksgiving food tradition? I indulge myself with Easy Mac at least once a day. 

Washington: Sugar Cookies 

I would rather have the Pillsbury pre-made sugar cookies over homemade sugar cookies. They always come out of the oven ooey-gooey perfect. 

West Virginia: Buffalo Chicken Dip

scrambled, egg, cheese, omelet, omelette
Vienna Terrell

West Virginia, Ohio and Virginia, what's up!? Ya'll must have some secret sauce that goes in your dip if it's the most popular dish in that whole region. 

Wisconsin: Shrimp

chicken, squash
Lauren D'Amore

Sweet potato shrimp boat? Don't mind if I do this Thanksgiving. 

Wyoming: Pork Chop 

Wyoming's economy relies on the raising of livestock like beef and pork. It only makes sense that they indulge in the succulent meat they raise locally. 

#SpoonTip: General Mills acquired data from its sites bettycrocker.com, pillsbury.com, and tablespoon.com to come up with the most popular and unique food traditions by state. That data is reflected in this article.