They say you can tell a lot about a person based on their favorite waffle topping. Alright, you caught me—I don't think I've ever actually ever heard anyone say that. Whatever, people say stranger things than that (sorry, but totally not sorry). Aren't you curious about what your favorite foods reveal about your personality? Based on your favorite waffle topping, here's which "Stranger Things" character you are most like.

Whipped Cream: Joyce Byers

Whipped cream is the ultimate topping, because it goes great with everything. Whipped cream won't let you down, and neither will Joyce Byers. Her devotion and determination to keep her son safe is like no other. Like Joyce, you're fiercely protective of the people around you. You’ll do anything for the people you love, even if it means everyone thinks you’re crazy. 

Blueberries: Lucas Sinclair

Blueberries are defiant and strong. Their stains are almost impossible to get out of clothing, but their sweet flavor makes them worth smothering waffles in. Like Lucas, people need to earn your trust before you'll warm up to them. You're protective of your friends, and skeptical of outsiders. But once someone proves themselves, then they've got a friend for life in you.

Caramel Sauce: Nancy Wheeler

Caramel may seem too sweet to be a good waffle topping, but its taste will surprise you. Like Nancy, you can be stuck up sometimes. You get wrapped up in your life, and don't notice when you're hurting those around you. No hard feelings though; you’re good at heart and will pull through in the end. Just like Nancy, you will always be there when it matters most.

Plain: Eleven

You’re pretty unique. Few people can stand the taste of plain waffles, much less love them. But you’re not like other people, and you fully embrace your originality. Just like Eleven, you don't always understand the world around you. However, that doesn't mean you don't know what you want. Let your creativity shine as you break down any obstacles in your way.

Chocolate Chips: Dustin Henderson

Dustin loves chocolate. No, like he loves chocolate. Even in the midst of danger, Dustin is searching around for chocolate pudding cups or most recently, 3 Musketeers. He's a lovable goofball, and so are you. Like Dustin, you've got a big heart, and a bigger stomach. Chocolate chips are the hallmark of youthful fun, and you can't get enough of them. Keep living it up! As they say: You're only young once.

Strawberries: Mike Wheeler

Strawberries are a classic waffle topping, and no breakfast is complete without them. Just like Mike, you're the backbone of all your friendships. If someone needs place to crash or a shoulder to cry on, you're there. You have a kind soul, and are always looking out for the little guy. It can get tiring being everyone's support system, but it's more than worth it for you.

Butter: Will Byers

Butter on waffles may look like it’s disappeared, but you can still taste it in every bite. Like Will, you have a tendency to go missing for short periods of time. However, you still do your best to let your friends and family know you care. Whether it's through handwritten notes, spelling out sentences in a Christmas light alphabet, or using morse code, you always keep in touch.

Maple Syrup: Chief Jim Hopper

Just like maple syrup, Chief Hopper makes a mess of things, but still manages to be sweet. While you may not be the most organized person out there, you still care. Like Chief Hopper, you won't stop until everyone is safe and justice is served. Sure, you'll probably stumble along the way. But in the end, everyone knows they can count on you to get the job done.

Bananas: Dr. Martin Brenner

You’re cold, calculated, and more than a little intimidating. Bananas are typically a pancake topping, but you’ll bend the rules to get what you want. Like Dr. Brenner, you care more about results than other people. You take the phrase "to make an omelette you have to break a few eggs" literally. Seriously, what kind of person puts bananas on their waffles?

Powdered Sugar: Steve Harrington

How does sugar become powdered? How does Steve get his hair like that? The world may never know. Okay that's a little dramatic, but Steve's a dramatic guy. Like him, you're mysterious and cool. You like to walk the line between good guy and jerk, and keep everyone around you guessing. Deep down you're a nice person, but you don't want anyone to know just how nice and caring you really are.

Chicken: Barbara Holland

Most people forget that chicken and waffles are a classic duo. Just like most people forgot about Barb. You’re nice, smart, and loyal, but your achievements don’t often get the recognition they deserve. It’s hard not to feel forgotten sometimes, but hang in there. Everyone will remember you exist eventually, and love you. In the meantime, keep doing your own thing.

So, who are you? Personally, I love a smorgasbord of toppings on my waffles, so I'm like five different "Stranger Things" characters. And strangely enough, they all fit my personality pretty well. Season 2 of "Stranger Things" came out last Friday, so if you have to yet to binge watch, get on it. This season is full of surprises—you might just gain a new understanding of your character.