I am proud to be Indian. But one thing I am especially proud of is our snack game. What is better than going to a party or a wedding and eating your body weight in samosas? Take this quiz to find out which appetizer you are.

1. What does your Saturday night look like?


B. Few friends and a movie night

C. No preference. Up for adventure.

D. Hot date night

2. Pick a junky snack. 

A. French Fries

B. Sour Skittles

C. I don't care what it is. Just give me all junk food.

D. Flamin' Hot Cheetos

3. What's your flavor preference?

A. Sweet

B. Tangy

C. Salty

D. Spicy

4. What Mean Girls cafeteria table would you sit at?

A. The Plastics

B. Wannabes

C. The Coolest People You Will Ever Meet

D. Cheerleaders

5. What's your music preference?

A. Whatever sh*t is popular these days

B. That band that no one else listens to

C. No preference. I'll listen to anything.

D. Beyoncé 

6. Pick a healthy drink.

A. Kombucha

B. Water

C. I don't do healthy drinks

D. Kale smoothie with cayenne pepper

7. Pick a condiment.

A. Ketchup

B. Mustard

C. Little bit of everything

D. Sriracha 

If you answered mostly A's: Samosa

Just like this Indian favorite, you are super popular and the life of the party. You love to follow all of the cool trends. And people love you and wouldn't trade you for anything else in the world.

If you answered mostly B's: Pani Puri

sauce, rice, meat, vegetable
Sarah Arora

Pani puri is a customizable Indian street snack packs a tangy punch. Because you're a fun but easy-going person, this snack fits you perfectly. And just like a girl's night, this snack is fun no matter what. 

If you answered mostly C's: Pakora

Because you're the adventurous type, you're a pakoda--a customizable snack that never disappoints! Pakoras can be fried anything. You're always up for an adventure, whether it'd be trying new foods or listening to new music.

If you answered mostly D's: Chicken 65

To you, spice is everything nice. You're not afraid to admit that you've got an attitude. Chicken 65 is a super spicy appetizer that is dyed red for some extra hotness. 

We Indians know how to take snacking to the next level. No matter which snack you are, try them all because you won't be disappointed.