First of all, let's give a quick shoutout to Beyonce for being Beyonce. Now, let's give a quick shoutout to the female body because of all the incredible things it's able to do. Beyonce will soon find out just how much the female body is capable of because — YEP — she just announced she's pregnant with twins

Beyoncé already has one child — five-year-old Blue Ivy, who will now be a big sister — but having twins is a little (JK, a lot) different than having one child. Pregnancy is an incredible, crazy thing that can be hard for ladies (like myself) who've never brought a child into the world to imagine and fully understand. We did our homework and her how having a child for the second time around breaks down.

More Tests and Scans

Hopefully Bey doesn't have any upcoming tour stops because according to one source, when you're pregnant with twins, "You'll be offered more antenatal appointments, tests and scans than if you were carrying one baby." These are especially more frequent as the pregnancy progresses.

More Emphasis on Certain Nutrients

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Although it's been rumored that Beyonce is vegan (but still eats meat — we don't know either), being pregnant with twins means you need an appropriate amount of "folic acid, calcium, iron, protein, and other essential nutrients," according to one source.

More Weight Gain (Obviously)

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Carrying an extra baby means you should expect more weight gain, right? This source states, "For twins, the recommendation is often 37 to 54 pounds (about 17 to 25 kilograms) for women who have a healthy weight before pregnancy — which might require [eating] about 600 extra calories a day, depending on your activity level." That's a lot of kale (and steak). 

More Precautions

Having twins may mean taking more precautions and limiting physical activity – from working out (no more dance rehearsals) to traveling (no more world tours). But don't worry, Bey, we'll put in an extra hour at the gym for you.

Earlier Concern About Overdue Pregnancy

Having to push one tiny human out of your body at the right time is already hard enough, but with twins, well, you know the drill. According to one source, "Ordinarily, pregnancy length isn't considered a concern until after 41 weeks. With twins, there is some evidence that those concerns should be weighed sooner."

No matter how different this pregnancy may be from her last, I'm sure I speak for literally everyone (because Beyonce has no haters) when I say I hope this pregnancy goes as smooth as the last because the world is #blessed to have even more Carter babies on the way.