If you think about it, ice cream and music are pretty similar. They can both make you feel better, come in a sometimes overwhelming variety, and are things you can indulge in with another person. They say that the kind of music you like tells a lot about who you are. It appears that ice cream has a telling quality, too. For example: if you don't like ice cream, you're crazy (#sorrynotsorry). Maybe I've single-handedly pinpointed your favorite flavor, or maybe you'll find a new flavor that suits your taste in music.

Pop — Birthday Cake

You're a fun, colorful person who's basically made for a party, just like cake (and the corresponding ice cream flavor). Another thing about both cake and pop music is that anyone who says they don't like them is probably lying. That goes for you, too! Your friendliness and overall spunk make you a likable person, and your friends always go to you when they're looking to go out and have a good time. Embrace your inner party!

Rap/Hip-Hop — Moose Tracks

You know how to get down, and the intense chocolate and peanut butter flavor of moose tracks reflects that. It's great fuel too. You might as well pre-game with that lovely combination because whether you're at a concert or in your car, you're going to give it your all. You're passionate and you're not afraid to show it, so keep doing your thing. Anyone who doesn't like it is just jealous of your enthusiasm.

Indie — Pistachio

The green color of the pistachio is a bit wacky, and so are you. Your borderline outlandish taste in music is quirky but mellow, so the light, nutty flavor of pistachio ice cream is right up your alley. You're not one to conform to "normal" things, whether in life or in ice cream (what is normal, anyway?). There's an air of independence and about you that makes you comfortable being a bit of a free spirit, so follow your path without fear, young grasshopper.

Latin — Strawberry

The fresh, light taste of strawberry ice cream coincides perfectly with the danceable, upbeat Latin music you love, whether it be pop or jazz. You could easily salsa the night away and be ready for round two without a second thought because you're not one to wear out quickly. You're great at pacing yourself and keeping things fresh so that every moment is as exciting as the first. Things are anything but dull for you!

EDM — Coffee

If you're jamming to electronic music, you're all about energy. A coffee-type ice cream flavor is inherently energetic. Sometimes you're quick to exhaust yourself, either by being busy 24/7 or just working too hard. A little nudge from our friend coffee will give you the kickstart you need to keep your high-energy lifestyle going. Just be careful not to burn yourself out; caffeine can only help you so much.

Country — Butter Pecan

Country music is all about keeping things close to the heart. What's closer to the heart than home? The warm, welcoming flavor of butter pecan ice cream brings out your inner homebody. Your family is very important to you, and the nostalgia that comes with going to your hometown to see them really strikes a chord with you. A fun experiment would be to have some butter pecan ice cream when you're talking with your family to see how great it'll make you feel.

Jazz/Classical — Spumoni

Yes, I am completely aware that jazz and classical music are quite different from each other. But when it comes down to it, they're two sides of the same coin. That being said, if you love either or both of these genres, you're probably a pretty classy person, and you probably enjoy variety, too. Spumoni basically screams "classy," and it's got the uniquely delicious combination of flavors you want out of life. Keep enjoying the finer things in life. It suits you.

Metalcore (or anything heavier) — Mint Chocolate Chip

If you can sit back and enjoy insane guitar riffs while also admiring a drummer for their amazing use of the double bass pedal, you're intense, just like the powerful mint and rich chocolate flavor of mint chocolate chip. You have a lot of feelings, and you don't hesitate to express them. That's why you love hearing the emotions expressed by your favorite band, but it doesn't stop there! Because you're not afraid to acknowledge feelings, you're a great listener for anyone who needs to talk something out. Your music may be intense, but anyone who doubts that you've got a good heart is wrong.

Rock/Alternative — Cookie Dough

You probably ate raw cookie dough when you were younger against your parents' better judgment. That means that you're a bit of a rebel who lives on the edge. This edgy, rebellious side that you have expresses itself through your love for rock music. You tend to take risks, but they're thought-out. Just like you knew that eating cookie dough probably wasn't going to hurt you, the rush of adrenaline you get from doing something a little crazy (but not too crazy) is basically part of who you are at this point.

All the more reason to eat, listen, and be merry.