The Kardashians set the stage for America's first reality TV family. Love them or hate them, keeping up with these ladies is inevitable since they're constantly in the news. We thought pairing your guilty pleasure reality TV stars with your guilty pleasure favorite Halloween candy would be an irresistible treat!

Kim: Airhead

Mikela Mcmahon

With the tag line "Out of control,"  this tangy treat pairs perfectly  with Mrs. Kardashian-West. Notoriously labeled the ditsy star of the family, Kim constantly is in the spot light; kind of like how after one bite of an Airhead its chewy and gummy consistency  seems to stays in your mouth forever.

Coming in sixteen different flavors, this all-time favorite Halloween candy reminds us of all the different roles Kim holds: sister, mother, fashion icon, reality star, actress, businesswoman, model, socialite and so much more.

Not to mention how the flashy wrapping of Airheads and the flashy, and at times boujee, lifestyle of the second oldest Kardashian sister match iconically.

Kylie: Whoppers

Mikela Mcmahon

Ahhhh Kylie. The fittingly most ballsy and controversial sister gets paired with Whoppers for not only her whopping body, but also for her astounding 98.3 million followers on Instagram. The youngest Kardashian sister has been in the spotlight for years for her physical transformation.

Similarly to the Whopper, even with one bite you're surprised by the malty taste despite the chocolatey-smooth outside taste. 

Kylie never ceases to surprise her fans with her latest post or rumor circulating, but we definitely can appreciate how Kylie is always surrounded by her squad, whether it's her sisters, stylists, or best friends, it's never just her out and about. Just like how you can't have just one Whopper, you usually end up finishing the box.

Kendall: Twizzler

Mikela Mcmahon

This sizzling sister is the hottest high fashion model out there right now. Walking in almost every fashion week internationally, her long slim legs never seem to end, literally like two long Twizzlers. Kendall is known to be the most 'normal' sister, just like Twizzlers are a Halloween candy favorite since 1845.

The licorice rope candy also reminds us of Kendall's tight-knit friend group. The model is always with her besites: Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Cara Delevingne, and more. This high fashion squad lead by Kendall is deeply roped together for life.

Khloe: Butterfinger

Mikela Mcmahon

Khloe is known to be a little nutty, sweet like chocolate, and definitely recognized for her butt, just like this all time favorite Halloween candy. The third oldest sister has a rep to be the free-spirit of the family.

Getting married to Lamar Odom only one month after knowing each other, she has always been the most wild sister. Although we've always seen her sweet side as she took younger sisters Kendall and Kylie under her wing.

Similarly, Butterfingers is manufactured by Nestle, a food manufacturing powerhouse constantly advertising their delicious treats all over social media. 

Kourtney: Hot Tamale

Mikela Mcmahon

The oldest Kardashian sister is deservingly paired with this spicy cinnamon Halloween treat for one main reason: have you SEEN her body lately?

This thirty-eight year old hot Mama of three has recently been seen dating twenty-three year old Younes Bendjima. Kourtney has been showing off her hard work in the gym with daily snaps of her work outs and lotttts of fire posts in bikinis all over social media.

Kourtney is also known for her highly restrictive detox diet, cutting out carbs, grains, and legumes. Hot Tamales are said to be one of the 'healthier' Halloween candy options, as they only have three main ingredients. 

Kris: Payday

Mikela Mcmahon

The O.G. Mom. Kris Kardashian reigns in the older yet still classic Halloween favorite: Payday. The mom-ager responsible for raising and branding her five daughters rightfully is paired this candy bar for her nutty and questionable parental decisions and her huge pay day, with a rumored net-worth around $107,004,000.

If you think about the candy bar itself, Kris is the caramel nougat center that literally holds the individual peanuts together, without her there'd be no Kardashian family to keep up with.

While keeping up with the Kardashian's latest rumors and drama can be a trick (is Kylie having a baby or not!?), candy is always a good treat. Even though we doubt any of these sisters would splurge on non-organic candy, we hope you enjoyed reading about which sister pairs up best with our favorite Halloween candy.