If the show Friends perfected one thing, it was its Thanksgiving episodes. Each season's holiday episode brings the six friends together over lots of food, wine, and football; but most importantly, brings us to tears of laughter. We all know it's true, there isn't anything we wouldn't do to celebrate the best holiday with the best Friend group there will ever be. Here is which Friend you are, based on your favorite Thanksgiving dish.  

Butternut Squash Soup: Monica Geller

Everyone knows Monica as the chef of the friend group. She makes her Thanksgiving meal top-notch and always has herself a fun time in the kitchen– just don’t try to help her, because when she's cooking, it’s her way or the highway. But beyond being the chef, she is the perfectionist, the go-to hostess, and the most competitive friend. Just like butternut squash soup, Monica is the most sophisticated one of her friends. No matter if her first impression is too bold is too loud, it always keeps you wanting more.

Turkey: Joey Tribbiani

If you’re a turkey lover, you’re like Joey, because the expression “go big or go home” is more like your religion than a playful phrase. You are the entertainment of the meal, the star of the show. Most importantly, you're not sharing any of your food with anyone at your Thanksgiving meal– you may even have to get a whole turkey for yourself, like Joey, because Joey doesn’t share food!

Mashed Potatoes: Chandler Bing

If your favorite Thanksgiving dish is mashed potatoes, you’re most like Chandler because it's the one dish that doesn’t actually have much to do with Thanksgiving at all, as he is notorious for hating Thanksgiving. But just like mashed potatoes, Chandler is warm, kind, and will always make you feel better when you’re down, with a joke or a nice dig at another friend. Could Chandler, or mashed potatoes for that matter, be any more comforting?

Leftovers: Ross Geller 

Ross’ prized possession is the sandwich that his sister, Monica, makes him every year with her Thanksgiving leftovers. The moist maker consists of the Thanksgiving staples: turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. But the secret is the third layer of gravy-soaked bread in the middle– the source of the name of the sandwich. If your favorite part of Thanksgiving is the leftovers, you are definitely a Ross– you savor the holiday to the last minute, are innovative, and take Thanksgiving very seriously. 

Tofurkey: Phoebe Buffay

Through her hippie and quirky personality, Phoebe takes pride in respecting Earth by resenting meat and meat-eaters. Thanksgiving can be particularly tough for her, from having to watch Joey eat an entire turkey to seeing Monica cover her head with an entire turkey. Behold, Tofurkey: a turkey substitute made from wheat protein and tofu. Thankful for the Earth and not the meat? You’re a Phoebe.

Pumpkin Pie: Rachel Green

Rachel may be the prettiest friend, but we know for sure that she is not the most talented in the kitchen. Her friends love her dearly for her friendship, humor, and fashion advice; but when it comes to cooking, she does not bring much to the table, as shown by her “English Trifle.” If your favorite Thanksgiving dish is pumpkin pie, you are Rachel because, no matter how much (or how little) effort you put into your cooking, your friends will still love you for it.

There you have it, the best television characters paired with foods from the best holiday– what more could you be thankful for? On this Thanksgiving, get in tune with your paired character and binge watch some of the best episodes of the series...that's where you can find me.