Wine and cheese is a necessary function in college. When you need to relax and unwind with friends, nothing brings people together like sipping on wine and munching cheese. In order to be the hostess with the mostest though, you need to take it a step beyond the norm. Bobbysue's Nuts makes the perfect packs of flavored nut mixes to put out at your next dorm room soiree. They are also available in perfect snack sized packages for those between-class cravings. Each of our favorite Bobbysue's flavors can be perfectly paired with your favorite wines and cheeses; try them all!

Nuts Over Olives

The savory Mediterranean spice blend on this nut mix is perfectly paired with a parmigiano reggiano or mozzarella. These lighter flavors and smooth textures allow the subtle spices in the almond, cashew, pecan blend to shine through.

Everything Goes Nuts

This nut blend features the flavoring of sesame, poppy, onion, and garlic. One handful of this mix and you'll think you're eating your favorite everything bagel. This addicting flavor even won gold at the Specialty Food Association 2017, so you know it's good enough to pair with wine. Highlight these classic flavors with a smooth Sauvignon Blanc or light Zinfandel and a creamy goat cheese. Just like a bagel, but for adults.

Some Like it Hot

This nut mix is infused with a sweet and spicy blend of flavorings, making it the perfect for a mild creamy cheese like brie. The softness of the brie perfectly balances the fiery nuts. Cut the heat with an ice cold Riesling wine. 

It's Raining Chocolate

Chocolate drizzled almonds, cashews, and pecans, make this nut mix a delightful evening snack. But keep in mind that sweets like chocolate go just as well with wine and cheese as savory flavors. An aged cheddar cheese with a nutty flavor profile is the perfect complement to this sweet snack. Try a rich Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon to round out your new favorite combo of cheese and chocolate.


You can't go wrong with this classic nut mix, which is why we left it for last. The three nut blend is slightly sweet with a dash of sea salt, and ready to be paired with your favorite wine and cheese combo. Get creative with your own original mix-and-match of flavored nuts, wine, and cheese.