On my fateful third day of college at exactly 3:15pm, I walked into the Blue Room and met the love of my life (or rather, of my college career): the café's (in)famous muffins. I noticed them the moment I entered the room, and from the second that I set my eyes upon them, I have been helplessly in love with their entirety — their aromatic scent, their fluffy appearance, and every other glorious detail. 

As my first year at Brown is already three-quarters done, one of the best ways to commemorate a fantastic freshman year is by drawing a connection between my two favorite things — romantic movies and Blue Room muffins. I apologize in advance for all the spoilers that I will probably not be able to resist.

Red Velvet: A Star is Born (2018)

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Zoe Zaiss

Admit it, we’ve all gushed over the onscreen chemistry between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's characters, Jackson and Ally. The passion of the two characters as they look into each other’s eyes and perform "Shallow" together is simply undeniable. And even at the end of the film, as Ally sings "I Will Never Love Again" for her late husband, her pain is palpable, not just in her facial expressions but also through the strain of her voice. 

As I was just about to give up on finding the perfect muffin to match the film's strong emotions, I came across Red Velvet. Extremely rich in flavor, the red velvet is flavorful yet not at all overwhelming. Much like the film, its sweetness is perfectly balanced with a tinge of bitterness, creating a complex experience.

Chocolate Chip: Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

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Madeline Behr

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is an all-time classic. From Holly singing "Moon River" on her window sill, to her and Paul's iconic final kiss under the rain, every single scene is a masterpiece in and of itself. It’s truly the kind of movie that one can watch over and over again.

This is how I feel about the Blue Room's Chocolate Chip muffin. I was initially reluctant to try it, believing that it’d be far too sweet. But after giving it a taste, I was pleasantly surprised. The chocolate chips' subtle sweetness combines with the soft texture of the muffin, resulting in a gentle and simple taste that is an understated and undeniable delight. When I become too tired of the complexity of the other muffins, this classic - much like Breakfast at Tiffany's - will be a staple that I can always return to.

Cranberry Orange Walnut: La La Land (2016)

Rebecca Qiu

Admit it, it's difficult to resist singing and dancing along to La La Land's wonderful soundtrack. As a completely out-of-tune singer and an even worse dancer, I know I sure have — especially when no one else is looking. Honestly, who can say no to dancing with Ryan Gosling in his polyester suit on a lovely starry night?

Almost every Saturday morning, I've gotten a Cranberry Orange Walnut muffin from the Blue Room for breakfast. If I were to assign a personality to each muffin, this gem would be the liveliest. Just like the extensive variety of songs, dances, and ~romance~ that La La Land spoils us with, the Cranberry Orange Walnut muffin has a little bit of everything.

With the sweetness of the cranberry, the fresh fruity scent of the orange, and finally the much-needed earthy taste of the walnut to balance and simplify the overall flavor, this muffin is an all-in-one. Definitely Academy Award-worthy, in my opinion.

Triple Berry: Legally Blonde (2001)

Is there anyone more #extra than Elle Woods? With her inexhaustible energy and her perfumed homework, she has always been one of the most lovable characters on screen. From her attentiveness to every detail, to her very admirable organization skills, and finally to her determination to fight for animal rights, how can you not simply adore her? She is like ~that~ immeasurably enthusiastic friend who we tease for their weirdness, yet whose extra-ness is the thing we love the most about them. 

The only muffin that could rise to Elle's level of sweetness and enthusiasm is the Triple Berry muffin. With not one, not two, but three kinds of berries in the muffin, the treat can be slightly overwhelming. Yet, the extreme fullness of the muffin, both in terms of scent and flavor, will leave you with an energetic and joyful aftertaste. So, Triple Berry, no matter how extra you may be, we love and need you, always.

During stress season, there are few joys greater than gobbling down a freshly-baked muffin while watching a heartwarming romantic film. So take your pick of these power couples, and relish in the romance. Next time you crave a muffin, you know where to find me.

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