Valentine's Day is a holiday dedicated to the relationship with someone you love — but what about something? If you find yourself struggling to find a valentine, look no further than your kitchen cupboard, or your bar cart. Your favorite bottle of wine will always be there for you, and why not pair it with the next best company: a movie. This duo beats your ordinary chocolate and roses on Valentine's Day, hands down. Here's our guide for Valentine's Day wine pairings and the best movie match. 

Red Wine — Fifty Shades of Grey

A symbol of romance, a complex red wine begs to be matched with the intensity that is Christian Grey. Red wine is meant for those who crave the hot and heavy kind of love stories that leave you wanting more. Mr. Grey's mysteriously deep eyes and bitter yet sweet nature compliment the wine's bold and rich taste. This Valentine's Day, though, the mystery won't be as much his eyes as how fast you'll finish the bottle.

Rosé — John Tucker Must Die

We'll admit, we have a soft spot for this Valentine's Day wine pairing: rosé is the flirty friend of the wine rack, and I can't think of a bigger flirt than John Tucker. Balancing school, work and basketball seems hard enough for a high schooler, but not John Tucker. Balancing all of that plus three girls is easy for him, up until the girls find out and want revenge. On Valentine's Day, this is the movie for you and your friends to watch as you sip on a bottle of Rosé all day. Maybe you'll get some inspiration for how to handle the next major flirt that enters your life.

White Wine — Bridget Jones's Diary

Whether you like it dry, sweet, bubbly, or still, white wine is the ultimate match for this throwback romantic comedy. The typical tale of a not-so-typical woman trying to figuring out the good guy from the not-so-good guy. The lightness of white wine will act both as a compliment to the humor but a contrast to the heavy drama. Plus, a young Hugh Grant is not a view you'd want to miss out on.

Now that you know what movie you should watch based on your favorite wine, there's no excuse to dread the holiday. Whether you're celebrating with company or treating yourself, you can never go wrong with these pairs — they're a match made in heaven.