Why would someone replace the bread of a sandwich with a pickle? The pickle sandwich has been trending on TikTok ever since food influencer @gabbyparmesan posted a video of her trying Seven Brothers Gourmet’s pickle sandwich. This “picklewich” has been the talk of the town since. Seven Brothers has been in the spotlight due to their current offerings but the sandwich was actually created by Elsie’s Sub Shop in 2019. The New Jersey sub-shop owner created it for her mom who is diabetic. The pickle sandwich pop-up now offers more sandwiches, while still offering the pickle buns as a low-carb option.

So what is the pickle sandwich?

The pickle sandwich uses a big pickle as the bun after it’s been scooped out — think of the dreaded scooped bagel — leaving enough space for all the fillings anyone could ask for. Usually, the picklewich is filled with deli meat, cheese, and your choice of sauce but others have added tomatoes, lettuce, and even chicken cutlets breaded with Cap’n Crunch cereal.

Where to get the pickle sandwich in NYC and beyond!

The most viral place to order the sandwich is Seven Brothers Gourmet in Oceanside, New York. However, fans can still order a pickle sandwich at Elsie’s Sub Shop in Red Bank, New Jersey. The Tikki Turtle, a food vendor that has stands at fairs and festivals all over the state of New York, also sells a pickle sandwich. From pickledogs to picklewiches, this stand offers various choices of fun pickle menu items. Another Long Island deli is also offering its take on the pickle sandwich — the Foodie Shack Eaterie in Bohemia, New York.

How to make the pickle sandwich at home.

All you need to make a delicious pickle sandwich at home is large whole pickles, a knife, a spoon, and any fillings, seasonings, and sauces you’d like. Cut the pickle in half and then scoop it out making room for the fillings. Then fill the pickle with your favorite toppings and there you have it, the viral pickle sandwich at home.