Parents Weekend: A weekend dedicated to the ones that raised us (and pay our tuition). A weekend for them to see what Ole Miss is like. Now, if you're like me, who's parents had never really been to Oxford before moving me in, here is a list to help navigate where to eat in our lovely town.

1. Oxford Grillehouse

I have many friends who go there right when their parents come in town. Oxford GrilleHouse is a little pricey but worth every penny. Located on The Square next to Ajax, this is the perfect dinner spot during family weekend. A side order of  the mac n' cheese is a hit with all my friends. Your parents will be impressed and wanting more after you eat there. You can view the dinner menu here.

Monday-Thursday: 4:30-9pm Friday-Sunday: 4:30-10pm

2. Big Bad Breakfast (BBB)

butter, peanut, pancake, peanut butter, oatmeal, bacon
Elizabeth Blackstock

Okay, I personally believe BBB is overrated, but everyone should still try it a few times in their life. The food is good, and their menu will having you wanting everything on it (it took me 10 minutes to figure out what I wanted one time because it all looked so good). This is a classic place to take the 'rents during parents weekend. Remind them that the wait (and yes there will be one) will probably be long, but you won't be disappointed when you get your food. Fun Fact: Eli Manning ate here on Friday. So you never know, you might see a celeb.

Hours:Monday-Friday: 7 AM- 1:30PM Saturday-Sunday: 8AM- 3PM 

3. Taylor Grocery 

Taylor Grocery, located about 20 minutes from Oxford, in Taylor, Mississippi is one of our little gems . When you drive by, you'll see 2 things: a shack looking building and tons of people waiting outside. Like BBB, most times you go expect a wait. The cheese fries are to die for, and (so I've heard) the catfish here is the best some people have ever had in their life. The restaurant has been said to have "the South's best catfish." The menu will leave your mouth watering. Another thing, it's only open Thursday- Sunday for dinner. So, remember that when you're making out plans where to go eat if the parents stay a few days after parents weekend ends.


Thursday-Saturday: 5PM-10PM  Sunday: 5pm-9pm  

4. Funky's

If you're looking for a *funky* and different place to take your parents try Funky's. Their pizza is beautiful and amazing, and their  drinks are just as good. I mean what could be better then pizza and daiquiri's? Located in the heart of The Square, this bar is the perfect place to take parents. It's not your traditional place to go, but it's a fun and unique one with amazing drinks (The Taylor Swift, and A Walk Me Down are my personal faves). 

Fall Hours:

Monday-Wednesday: 3:30PM-12AM Thursday: 3:30PM-1AM Friday: 12PM-1AM Saturday: 10-1AM Sunday: 11-9PM 

5. Rib Cage

Everyone needs a little bbq in their diet right? Rib Cage has been praised for their barbecue and being "Memphis Style". Although, I've never been, I have only heard praises from here! From the hot wings, to sanwiches, and to the mixed quesadilla with chicken and barbecue. The menu has many meat options available and is a heaven for anyone who loves that type of food. The restaurant is conventionally located on the square near Insomnia Cookies and a short walk the bars.


Monday-Saturday: 10AM-10PM Sunday: 10AM-2PM

6. Great American Cookie/ Marbleslab Creamery

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Hannah Summers

Everyone might say Insomnia should be the place to go, but Great American Cookie is where it's at! I mean, if you're in The Square and are a little drunk at  midnight, yeah, Insomnia is the place for you. Mainly because of its location and it's long hours (11AM-3AM). But if you want good ice cream and cookies that are cheaper, I would say Great American Cookie and Marbleslab. I go about once a week....(I know its an addiction). But it's delicious. They have a variety of flavor options-- including some unique ones. You can add toppings to be mixed into your ice cream if you'd like as well. They also have a good amount of cookie options and cookie cakes available to buy whole or by the slice. 


Monday-Thursday: 11AM-10PM Friday-Saturday: 11AM-11PM  Sunday: 12:30PM-7PM

No matter if you take your parents to any of these lovely restaurants or not, they're still bound to have a fun and #lit time in Oxford. Enjoy parents weekend and show them a good time in this little town we call home.