If you're a college student in Tallahassee, chances are you are no stranger to the nightlife here. Going out and drinking can cause a number of things such as fatigue, nausea, and poor decision making. One thing is for sure, you are most likely hungry as hell. If you and your friends are looking for some late night drunk food in Tallahassee, here are some places you should consider stumbling too. 

Taco Bell

Jessica Mickelson

Although Taco Bell isn't really walking distance from any of the bars or clubs in Tallahassee, don't sleep on what this fast-food chain has to offer your drunken self. Taco Bell has awesome deals that are sure to complement those vodka water limes you've been downing for the past 2 hours. The $5 Buck Box cravings deal specifically hits the damn spot. For just a mere 5 dollars you can be scarfing down a burrito, tacos, and a medium drink. If you're still hungry after that, the new nacho fries are the perfect addition to this feast. Be sure to suck up to your Uber driver because the drive-through line at this place is usually packed. One thing is for sure, it's really worth the wait. 


Lotsa is located in the prime spot for all the bar crawlers out there. Located just beneath Onyx Apartments and conveniently placed right across from Pots, this pizza place is a beacon of light for all the drunk fiends roaming around College Avenue. Lotsa offers incredible personal pizzas that you won't want to share with your friends. Their FIRE buffalo chicken pizza was voted on their Instagram as their most popular item. If that or any of the other specialty pizza's don't speak to you, then you can build your own! This is the perfect place to ride to after happy hour. You can eat a pizza, take a nap, and rally for the night. Don't listen to that one friend of yours that will try to split a pizza because they're "watching their weight".  You're going to want one all to yourself. Who cares? You're drunk. 


Wow, this place sure brings back memories. This gem is perfectly placed right across the now nonexistent, (thanks to Target), nightclub Coliseum. Although we lost our dear friend Coli, we can't forget about this sacred place. If you're really in the mood for some fire chicken fingers after raging face all night, this is the spot for you. Their Guthrie's Box is the Jesus Christ of chicken finger boxes. It packs glorious chicken tenders, tasty French fries, a generous piece of Texas Toast, cole slaw, and their incredible, unforgettable, out of this world signature sauce. This sauce is basically crack and once you try it, you'll wish that you can swim in it. Guthrie's is well worth the Uber trip from wherever you are, near or far.

Jimmy Johns

ham, bread, sandwich, lettuce, cheese, vegetable
Jake Toth

If you aren't up to go somewhere to eat or you're just too drunk to make any physical appearance anywhere, Jimmy is your guy. This sub place offers possibly the best delivery service I've ever seen. These guys go hard on their bikes to get you your sandwich that you think they were competing in the X Games. Along with their incredibly fast delivery times, their fresh sandwiches will make your mouth water. Their Beach Club sandwich is my personal favorite. Packed with turkey breast, ham, lettuce, provolone, avocado spread, and mayo (of course), this will definitely hit the spot. Just try not to pass out before the delivery guy gets to your door. 


french fries, ketchup, potato
Alex Frank

If you didn't see this one coming, I don't know what to say. This place is Mc'Freakin amazing. Located a step away from Tenn nightclub, you can't pass this place up. There are too many food choices to choose from at this universally known fast food chain, so the world is your oyster when you come here. Why not indulge in some chicken nuggets? How about a McChicken and some fries? Is the ice cream machine working? I hope so. The possibilities are endless here, giving you insanely great options that can be sweet or savory. If you're white trash wasted, you would be Mc'Stupid to not come here. 

While these places aren't the only food joints you can choose from to eat at after a fun night out, they are the most discrete places where you can get away with being pretty drunk at. Why sit at a restaurant with all your drunk energy when you can get your food rather quickly at these places. To all the party people out there: stay safe, party hard, and eat good.