Earlier this month, Taco Bell dropped the news that they’re bringing fries to their menu. But not just any fries, freaking Nacho Fries. The Nacho Fries will officially be on the menu starting tomorrow, Jan. 25, and in anticipation of the drop, I️ got a chance to try these spicy spuds out.

These Nacho Fries Taste Bomb

Ellie Conley

Let me tell you, I️ am a Taco Bell fan already, but I️ could eat cartons and cartons of these Nacho Fries. I actually ate two of them today. They’re soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside, and dusted with a taco seasoning boasting habanero and cayenne notes. But they’re not too spicy—they have a spice to them, but they’re not hot at all. They come with a steamy side of nacho cheese.

Ellie Conley

The fries are also a thicker cut, as opposed to a shoestring fry from other fast food joints, aka more surface area for cheese and other toppings. You can dip your fries in Taco Bell’s signature melty nacho cheese, or top them with cheese, sour cream, beef, pico de Gallo—the possibilities are endless.

How Can You Get Them

Ellie Conley

While tasting, I️ preferred the Nacho Fries plain, no toppings (I️ have a minor thing against cheese—sue me). However, I️ learned that while the fries are on the menu, you can add them to anything. So yes, you can have your burrito with Nacho Fries inside. Yes, you can toss them in your Cheesy Gordita Crunch. And yes, you can throw them in a Crunchwrap Supreme. It’s only a small additional charge of 49 cents, so don't be afraid to upgrade.

On their own, Nacho Fries are available in a couple different ways. They're $1 a la carte-style, Supreme size (with all the toppings) for $2.49, Grande size (just the bigger all toppings version) for $3.49, or in with a box with a Doritos Locos Taco, a Cheesy Gordita Crunch and a medium drink for $5.

You Can Try Them For Free 

Ellie Conley

If you live or are going to be in the NYC area today and tomorrow, you can actually try the fries for FREE at Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries Premiere at The Bell Theater (218 Bowery). The pop up presents the Nacho Fries official trailer, a hype video of sorts, called "Web of Fries" featuring Josh Duhamel. Following the video, you'll get to try the Nacho Fries (with a free cocktail!). You can make a reservation on Open Table, but if you're interested, do it quick—spots are filling up fast. 

If you’re not going to be in the city, you can watch the hilarious video at weboffries.com and catch the Nacho Fries at your local Taco Bell tomorrow. I’d suggest going sooner rather than later, though. You’ll want all the fries you can get.