You walk into the dining hall still groggy from a long night of studying and desperate for fruit. But what do you find? A tray of picked-over sliced cantaloupe, a half-empty basket of over-ripe bananas, and three bruised apples.

You know your next move. You run away from that sad spread and into one of these conveniently-located grocery stores for the produce of your dreams.

1. Elm City Market

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Vivian Armitage

Location: 10 min. walk from cross-campus 

Price: $$$

Produce Selection: 9/10

Elm City Market has the best produce selection in New Haven. In fact, it is basically a smaller Whole Foods. The only problem is that with great produces comes a cost: a literal cost. This store is not cheap. Though its location and price are suboptimal, if you are craving fresh berries with your brunch, this is the place to go.

Vivian Armitage

2. Good Nature Market (G-Heav)

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Vivian Armitage

Location: 5 min. walk from cross-campus 

Price: $$

Produce Selection: 8/10

G-Heav's ideal location is its biggest asset. Just a short walk from Bass, it is the best place to find healthy study snacks on campus. Although it certainly isn't cheap, the prices aren't crazy. Boasting an outdoor fruit display, two cases of produce and a shelf of avocados, Good Nature Market has all the essentials.

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Vivian Armitage

Bonus: They also have a location on Whitney for folks in TD and Silliman.

3. J&B Deli and Grocery

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Vivian Armitage

Location: 6 min. walk from cross-campus 

Price: $$

Produce Selection: 6/10

J&B Deli is kind of a hole-in-the-wall, but it gets the job done. If you ever find yourself by the YUAG and don't feel like walking up Broadway to go to G-heav, this is your best bet.

J&B's has a modest selection of fruits and veggies, and a large selection of herbs (in case you're ever in desperate need for Italian parsley or coriander). The best part about this store? They sell clementines by the bagful and always have avocados in stock.

Vivian Armitage

4. Durfee's

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Vivian Armitage

Location: Across from cross-campus

Price: $$$$

Produce Selection: 5/10

Durfee's is a solid choice. It is crazy convenient, but also extremely crowded and expensive. The best part about Durfee's? You can pay with your lunch swipe. No, $8 does not go far at this store, but it's better than shoveling a limp salad into your mouth before sprinting to your chemistry lab.

A mango, pint of strawberries and two apples will run you $7.95— the perfect lunch swipe bargain

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Vivian Armitage

#SpoonTip: Come before classes end at 2:15 for the best selection. Otherwise, you'll be greeted by this paltry selection after 50 fruit-loving students raid Durfee's before you.

5. ShopRite 

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Location: 10-15 min. drive from campus

Price: $

Produce Selection: 8/10

ShopRite is really far away from campus—like, in Milford far—but it is definitely worth the trip. This store has the largest produce selection around New Haven, not to mention fresh sushi and quality cheese (though I wouldn't combine the two).