We've all been there. You somehow managed to spill coffee on yourself three consecutive days in a row, the GSI you were brown-nosing flunked your assignment, or Michigan football didn't live up to expectations yet again. It's been a pretty crappy week and you need something to brighten up your day.

Thankfully, the college town/food haven of Ann Arbor has a plethora of comforting, refreshing and delicious restaurants will hit the spot after a trash week. 

Le Dog

If you're in such a mood that you can't face crowds, talk the walk down to Main St. and fill this void of a week with hot homemade soup and a bread roll. Remember that this old-school establishment does not accept credit cards so bring cash (if you haven't dropped it all on cover for Ricks or Skeeps that is). 

Frita Batidos 

You just found out the cute guy in your Orgo study group has had a steady girlfriend for four years. So to mourn the passing of your fantasized future together you need to drown your sorrows in something on the John Travolta side of greasy. Plan on gathering some friends together on Frita Badito's picnic benches and engaging in the transcendent experience of devouring a Frita made loco and a Badito with a splash of rum. 

Dimo's Deli and Donuts

There are few things that can remedy the vicious parking tickets handed out by Ann Arbor's overactive parking enforcement officers, but Dimo's bacon, egg, and cheese is just what the doctor ordered. Yes, your debt to the city of Ann Arbor may now be comparable to student loans but face-planting into a tray of bagels should make you forget about the tickets for the moment. 

Avalon Cafe and Kitchen

After a weekend interviewing for a job in New York you come home to find your home turned into a pseudo-frat house. Apparently, while you were working hard, your roommates were playing hard. To cleanse yourself from scenes of past debauchery you should choose to rejuvenate at Avalon. The local Michigan cafe will make you feel wholesome and healthy with their hearty breads, fresh ingredients, and cozy coffees.  


First, you slipped in the middle of the Diag and second, your prof publicly called you out for arriving late in the middle of the lecture hall. To nurse your bruised tailbone/pride head on over to HopCat. The casual atmosphere and good energy will leave you on the upswing; especially after perusing their wide beer selection and sampling their unreal crack fries


You went out on a limb by trying and failing to pretend to be vegan while talking to the barista with a beanie and glasses in Kerrytown. After finding out that, "Oh...cheese isn't vegan?" it seems appropriate that you turn to some tried and true Italian comfort food. Whether you order pizza or pasta, you can't go wrong at Bigalora and you will definitely be reminded why you weren't vegan in the first place.

No matter what hell has been brought upon you this week, any of these feel-better restaurants are sure to put a smile on your face and in your belly. This guide has never failed me and I know in Ann Arbor I can trust when things just aren't going my way.