Today, many people are eating vegan diets, meaning that they do not eat any dairy, eggs, or meat. Many people do it for health reasons, whether to lose weight or to feel better about what they eat. 

But, the surprising truth is that veganism does not provide the health benefits that you might think it does.

So here’s why I won’t become a vegan:

1.  Veganism depends on your individual diet.

There are no studies showing that veganism is better than other healthy diets. Additionally, no traditional culture has sustained off of a vegan diet.

2. Vegan supporters often make false claims about veganism.

It has not been proven to cure autoimmune disease or prevent cancer. There is also no evidence that meat, eggs, or dairy are harmful to an individual’s health.

3. A vegan diet lacks essential nutrients.

Some of the nutrients that a vegan diet lacks include Vitamins A, D, and K2, iron, calcium, and B12. 

4. Vegan does not equal healthy

Many vegan items may seem healthier simply because they have the label “vegan”. In actuality, these foods can still be high in fats, sugar, or salt.

5. Soy is a problem 

Soy, a prominent ingredient in vegan diets, has been proven to be unhealthy. Soy can lead to hormone imbalances. High quality animal products are healthier than consuming soy vegan meat.

6. Coconut oil is not a health food 

There are no studies showing the coconut oil has health benefits. Yet, coconut oil is an ingredient commonly used in vegan cooking.

7. Real food is healthier than fake food.

Because vegans do not eat cheese, milk, or meat, their 'fake' food must be created through highly processed thickeners, gums, and stabilizers.

8. Lack of protein.

Vegans must compensate for not eating meat through supplements or through new sources of proteins including soy, lentils, beans, nuts, and tofu. Large amounts of these must be consumed for vegans to get an adequate amount of protein.

9. Vitamin and protein deficiencies can be problematic 

Deficiencies of vitamins and proteins can lead to fatigue and lack of energy in the short term, but there can be long term effects on the heart.

10. Animal products are not all bad

Eating meat, dairy, and eggs is not unhealthy if consumed in moderation. The healthiest diets have a variety vitamin and nutrients so the body can stay healthy.

As the vegan trend continues, those considering the vegan diet should be aware that veganism does not provide the health benefits you might think. It could end up causing more harm than good. So instead of cutting out all dairy, eggs, and meat, eat them moderately in healthy ways.