As the daunting week of finals approaches, college students days are busier than ever, longer than ever, and most likely driven by caffeine. The need for coffee on campus is at an all-time high. With this being said, where you get your coffee definitely depends on the type of day that lies ahead.

Here is the ultimate coffee guide that every Hokie needs to survive finals.

Got to your 8 AM in Goodwin early somehow?

It definitely seems like a stretch, but it is doable. You've got a test coming up, which drives your lazy body out of bed for that necessary lecture. Good thing ABP has kiosks in Goodwin, the GLC, and Squires. Grab a hot cup o' Joe with those five quick minutes to spare and settle in for that hour of note-taking (or should I say hour of trying your best to keep your eyes open). 

beer, tea, coffee
Ally Larrick

In for a late night at the lib?

Your laundry's done for the week, you've got a possible all-nighter ahead of you, and you have some extra Flex dollars on your Hokie P. Treat yourself to a coffee from the café downstairs: Espress Oasis. Their menu includes: lattes from far away places, Italian espresso selections, non-espresso hot selections, iced and blended selections. You can even sit down at the café to enjoy your coffee, they've got a ton of outlets AND half-price refills.

espresso, beans, beer, tea, coffee
Ally Larrick

Is the library just not for you?

There are plenty of places to study on campus other than they library, but not all of them have good coffee options. Check studying, snacking, and caffeine off your list at Turner Place. Peet's Coffee is a perfect spot to get your coffee, whether it be a vanilla latte, or even a matcha green tea latte, and sit down for a while to get stuff done.

beer, tea, coffee
Ally Larrick

Need to get off campus for a bit?

If you're like me, even the famous VT dining can get a little old sometimes. I've found that a new source of coffee, a little ways from campus is good for the stir-crazy soul. Bollo's Café and Bakery on Draper Road is walking distance from campus and a hot spot to get your coffee. Also, on Tuesday's and Saturday's they serve gluten free bakery items.

peanut butter, chocolate
Ally Larrick

If you aren't quite ready to branch out of your comfort zone, Starbucks will always be there for you. Lucky for us Hokies, there are 3 locations in walking distance!

milk, espresso, tea, coffee
Ally Larrick

Hungry for a quick breakfast sandwich to compliment your coffee?

Dunkin' Donuts has got you covered. Despite the line each morning, and let's be honest, afternoon and night, they actually do a speedy job getting you your coffee. With a multitude of options, food and drink wise, Dunkin' should be a quick solution for your bagel and coffee deficiency.

cream, ice, coffee, milk
Ally Larrick

Are you ready to tackle finals?

If not, pray to the caffeine gods that coffee will get you through it.