It is a ritual of college to procrastinate and either re-watch Grey's from the beginning or even start to watch it for the first time. I've caught so many UW Madison students watching it or talking about it, and I'm not ashamed to say that I am one of them. I've been watching Grey's since it started live on ABC, so I know the characters like they're my own family. Here's a list of your fave characters and what they would eat if they were students at UW-Madison. 

Meredith Grey: Spring Roll Carts

She's been there from the start. Meredith Grey is the OG. You can spot the Spring Roll cart line from a mile away, as it is always the longest and most popular. 

Alex Karev: Chipotle

Ah, Alex Karev, the bad boy we adore. He appears rough around the edges but he is no joke. He is super passionate and will fight for anything. You can catch Alex at Chipotle on State Street. No matter how many times there may be talk of bad ingredients, he would just keep coming back for more because it is THAT irresistible. 

Miranda Bailey: Starbucks

This boss lady has an attitude and she's not afraid to show it. Miranda Baily also a perfectionist. She always makes sure that nothing goes wrong and if it does, she is the first person to run to pick up the pieces. Miranda Bailey is the Starbucks of State. She is the glue that holds the hospital together like Starbucks is the glue that holds us Badgers together. Whether it's a long day at the library ahead, you're hungover, or you just want bonus stars, Starbucks is the main attraction. 

Richard Webber: Sunroom Cafe

Richard Webber can be found sipping on coffee at Sunroom Cafe. Although Sunroom may be casual and filled with hungover college students half the time, but its food and cozy atmosphere never disappoints. You can find Richard there relaxing and catching up with friends. 

Jackson Avery: Red Sushi

If you don't look into those eyes and get lost immediately, you probably have superpowers. Jackson Avery is just irresistible and brilliant. If Jackson could be a restaurant, he would be Red Sushi. How many times have you tried to go there and have been let down by the wait? How many times have you gone there because you want to treat yourself? How many times have you heard someone say it's one of the top 5 restaurants in Madison? Yep, that's Jackson Avery for you. 

Arizona Robbins: Colectivo

Arizona is super kind-hearted and is loved by all. She makes everyone feel comfortable and special. Arizona can be found at Colectivo. Colectivo is the place you go for the calming aesthetic, the warm lattes, and cute coffee dates. 

April Kepner: Forage Kitchen

Some love her, but others don't. She sure is opinionated, strong-willed, and strict. April can definitely be found at Forage. Forage is the go-to healthy spot on campus. With salads made to order, you get to choose what you want. When it comes to healthy stops on State like Forage, you either them delicious or you don't. 

Jo Wilson: Espresso Royale

We all admire Jo's dedication and determination to succeed and build a life for herself, especially since she has come from such a rough past. Jo is Espresso Royale. When you get coffee or snacks here, it is clear you are serious about quality results. 

Maggie Pierce: Salads UP

At first, we were unsure of her. Maggie Pierce's uptight personality and her lack of normal social skills were hard to latch onto. Some of us warmed up to her and appreciated her for her quirks, but others still remain skeptical. Maggie is Salads UP. Their specialty wraps are fit for some. However, like Forage, the pendulum swings on both extremes.

Trust me, if I could cover every single character that has walked through Seattle Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, I would, but there are just too many we love. Be sure to catch all your favorite characters on Netflix (and on State) this weekend.