Chances are, you've heard of KIND bars at some point in your life. They're everywhere, and they even have new protein bars you're going to want to get your hands on.

Like most food companies, KIND has a food scientist, and her name is Lena. Because KIND has an office here in New York aka foodie central, there's never a shortage of food places for her to check out. Here's where Lena likes to go to eat when she's not at the KIND office.

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1. Sfoglia

Located on the Upper East Side, Sfoglia's menu switches up each season and only uses the most unique ingredients for their pasta. Sfoglia also has a solid booze selection, so that's a plus. 

2. Chinese Tuxedo

Located in Chinatown, Chinese Tuxedo is a Chinese restaurant that was once an opera house. Lena recommends getting their 'Shiitake' and their Chinese Spinach Dumplings with Jicama and Shallot Dressing.

3. Sushi Inoue

Located in Harlem, Sushi Inoue is known for their Omakase sushi and is a Michelin star restaurant. The exterior of Sushi Inoue is lowkey, so please don't judge this book by its cover. The goal of the food at Sushi Inoue is to provide fresh food that's also presentable and doesn't look as if a dog chewed it up.

4. Pain D’epices

Located on the Upper West Side, Pain D'epices is praised for its croissants, baguettes, cakes, and desserts. Another one of their niches is their quiche, and it's suggested by Lena that you eat it while it's warm.

5. Café Mogador

With a location in the city and in Brooklyn, Café Mogador's food is authentic aka the real deal and flavorful.  Because Lena spent half of her life in the Middle East, she recommends ordering the Tagine and the Mezze plates due to their authenticness and the flavor.

More Need To Knows

I learned a lot after speaking with Lea, and here's my best advice when choosing a spot to eat from her go-to list.  

Does price matter when selecting restaurants to go to? What about reviews?

Price matters, but it shouldn't necessarily be the see all say all of the meal. The "treat yo'self" trend definitely plays a role, but don't overspend when you genuinely don't have the funds to do such. Restaurant reviews are key and of high importance, mostly because they bring some insight as to if the food's good or not.

Are these places Instagrammable?

A: In short, the answer is yes. While this is a minute feature that several people would overlook, it's high-key important for food lovers and writers such as myself that just want solid pics to use on social media and for content.

Do these places serve a particular clientele?

Yeah, and this clientele includes people who have a deep appreciation for their food being well-executed. Note: This doesn't apply to food that's quickly thrown together and looks like something that Gordon Ramsay would slaughter IRL.

What's the environment in regards to each restaurant?

The environment for each restaurant ranges from cozy to a hot mess, just like my life.

Do any of these restaurants require reservations?

Not necessarily, but highly recommended, unless the goal is to walk right on in and then hope for the best.

Huge thanks to KIND for allowing me to talk to Lena, their awesome food scientist. While KIND is known for being, well, kind to others as part of the company's morals, they're also known for their awesome bars and team members.