Whether you have plans to make dinner for you and your cat or grab coffee with a friend that you haven't seen since high school, plans are still plans. However, life happens and sometimes our plans get canceled, which sucks! You hope the person cancelling has a good reason, but more often than not, they're just being flaky AF. I'm pretty sure most of us have that one friend that is known for flaking all the time. If you don't, that friend is probably you. 

Whichever the case may be, there's a big difference between being flaky and having a legit reason to back out. You may have changed your mind about those brunch plans or going to the morning tailgate, but here's how you know when it's fine to cancel your plans and when it's not.

OK to Cancel: When you're genuinely sick

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Julia Gilman

Getting sick happens to everyone at some point or another. Chances are, whoever you're seeing doesn't want to get your germs and would prefer it if you stayed home to take care of yourself anyway. If you're sick, try broth-based soups and some tea, but maybe avoid the orange juice. 

OK to Cancel: When someone close to you suddenly passes away

If someone in your life that you were close to dies unexpectedly, it's obviously OK to take the time you need to process the loss. This should go without mentioning, but it's also respectful to drop your plans to attend the funeral. 

OK to Cancel: When you're backed up with work and have an important deadline that you can't afford to miss

Whether you're in college or are working full time, there's a very high chance that you will be flooded with work at some point or another. If there's a deadline that you need meet and you're still not finished, tell your friends that you value them and love them with all of your heart, but that you need to write that English paper before you can meet up. 

OK to Cancel: When you desperately need to take your pet to the vet

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Liz Abere

Chances are, you're like me and you value your pet so much that they're an important member of your family. My cat is so important to me that I not only call him my adopted son, he's the number one man in my life. If my cat, Spock, ever gets sick, I will force him into his dog carrier (no cat carrier is big enough for him) and rush him to the vet. I would definitely cancel my plans to take care of my cat.

OK to Cancel: When you get called into work

When you get called into work and you know that you need to make those few extra bucks in order to pay for the gas in your car or even your rent for the month, you should probably cancel. When it comes to seeing your friends versus being able to scrape up those last few bucks for textbooks, textbooks take the cake. Besides, if you need money for anything, you probably shouldn't be spending it on beers with your buds. Unless, of course, that's what you need the money for, then go to work and hit up the bars after. 

You're Flaky If You Cancel: Because You Want to Sleep In

While sleep is important, that doesn't serve as an excuse to be flaky, especially if your friend already set a few alarms, woke up, and is waiting for you at the restaurant. Wake up, pull yourself together, and go — sometimes you have to do things you don't really always feel like doing. You'll have fun once you get there anyways!

You're Flaky If You Cancel: Because You just...feel like it 

If you promise your friend that you are going to help them move into their new apartment, but then you want to flake because you don't really like moving things, that's just not cool. Chances are, your friend is counting on you! Your friend will probably be disappointed and they probably won't rely on you anymore. But you're a good, reliable friend, so step up to the plate and keep your plans. 

You're Flaky If You Cancel: When you lie about not having money, but then go shopping 

If you say you don't have any money to go out, but then Snapchat a video of you out shopping, you should check your priorities. This one is only OK if you gave yourself a couple days notice, because, maybe you really would rather have a new pair of boots over bottomless mimosas. But maybe you can make a compromise and invite your friend shopping with you instead.

If you just didn't want to see that friend and used the money as an excuse, at least don't post it to your story!

You're Flaky If You Cancel: Because You're Supposed to Give Your Friend Back the Shirt You Borrowed and You Lost It

If you promised to return an item that your friend let you borrow, just give it back, it's not that hard. However, if you messed it up in some way, like you spilled red wine on her white dress, it's much better to come forth with the truth. Try to get it fixed, and if the stain won't come out, you should find a way to get her a new one. It's way better to tell the truth and make an effort to make it right rather than be flaky AF when the time comes to return the item.

Although most of us have that one friend that's always flaky, or maybe we are that flaky friend, communication is key in keeping your friendships. Maybe you do need some time to rest or you really don't want to go to the restaurant your friend picked out, but be honest and upfront as soon as you feel that way. You're probably friends with your friends for a reason, and you don't want to lose them over too many skipped plans.