Everyone has had the experience of walking into their favorite ice cream shop (for us, it's Graeter's) not knowing what to order. Then, as you make your way to the front of the line, the panic sets in as you still don't know what your heart desires. It's definitely a challenge picking from the array of tantalizing flavors.

Are you adventurous enough to pick something new, or are you a creature of habit and stick to what you know? Whatever your decision, remember that your go-to ice cream flavor says a lot about you. 

Vanilla – You're a Minimalist

Photo by Ilya  Ilyukhin | Unsplash

bezuma on unsplash

You could've picked any flavor possible, and your go-to ice cream flavor is the simplest one. It shows that you are a minimalist. You're generally a calm person and you are very simplistic. You have a tendency to shy away from commitment to protect yourself from getting hurt. You’re also probably the friend that needs to know what everyone is wearing before you decide what you are going to wear on a night out. 

Chocolate – You're Flirtatious

You’re flirtatious, loving, and enjoy the company of others. Sometimes you come off a little intense, but that is a quality about yourself that people are drawn to. You are charming and have a warm personality. Although, you are stubborn at times when it comes to relationships. You look for the best in people. You’re inevitably a hopeless romantic. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – You're Reliable

You are easy-going and you don’t get worked up about anything. You are reliable and kind-hearted. You are the friend that is always willing to help. People look to you for your guidance since you have a strong sense of self. And just like the perfect contradiction of the crunchy chocolate chips and the soft cookie dough, you are honest yet sensitive; a combination of qualities that allows you to give great advice.

Butter Pecan – You're Traditional

Just like the rich butter pecan, you enjoy the luxuries in life. You are independent, and are very goal-oriented. You are more traditional, and tend to refrain from reckless behavior. You are more cautious because you value your well-being and the well-being of others. You have a strong yet calming personality. You are probably considered the “mom” of your friend group.

Cookies and Cream – You're a Kid at Heart

If your go-to ice cream flavor is cookies and cream, you are a social butterfly. Just like the delicious cookie crumbles, your personality is exciting and inquisitive. Your curiosity and adventurous spirit leads you to meeting new people wherever you go. You are a kid at heart, and the life of the party. You are the friend that knows everyone. 

Mint Chocolate Chip – Your Presence Is Refreshing

You are cool under pressure, and you are a great listener. You are blunt and know what you want in life. Your presence is refreshing, which is why people are drawn to you. You know when it’s time to get down to business, but you also know how to have a good time.

Rocky Road – You're a Risk Taker

You are a little aggressive and you enjoy trying new things. You take risks, but you aren’t completely careless (just like the cushiony marshmallows). You are a very determined person and once you set your mind to something, you are relentless in your quest to achieve your goals.

Buckeye – You're Passionate

Your go-to look is a pair of ripped jeans and converse. You’re probably from Columbus, or wish you went to Ohio State. You love tailgating and your favorite season is fall. You live for football season. You are a really good hugger, and you’re very passionate.

Black Raspberry Chip – You're Spontaneous

You are slightly mysterious. You are out-going and are full of surprises. You have a strong sense of self. You enjoy trying new things, and traveling. Just like the surprisingly tasty combination of black raspberry and chocolate, you are unpredictable which keeps your friends on their toes. Your spontaneous tendencies lead you to a lot of weekend road trips.

No matter what your go-to ice cream flavor says about you, ice cream is always a great idea. Discover what your favorite ice cream topping says about you here