Whatever the weather ice cream sundaes can quench your sweet craving and bring people together on any day of the week. The hardest part about making a sundae? Picking what to put on it.

But really, it isn’t rocket science you goofy goobers. Just pick your favorite topping. Keep reading to find out what your favorite topping says about you — for a match made in ice cream heaven. Do you have a frozen heart or a sweet disposition?

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Hot Fudge – You’re Generous

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If you like hot fudge, a dominant personality trait of yours is generosity. If a friend needs you, you’re sure to help, but you definitely are kind to yourself too. You’re the type of person who likes things rich in flavor, who appreciates the finer luxuries in life: a cozy, comforting, night at home with tea sounds very appealing to you. You generally avoid taking risks which is why warm hot fudge is your Bae. It never fails to please your taste buds.

Caramel – You’re a Social Butterfly

Ice Cream

Photo by Irene Kim

Caramel lover? Take a seat and give yourself a break. You are someone who tends to work too much, a genuine people-pleaser. People care for you and depend on you — their opinions matter to you. Sweetness oozes out of your personality yet you’ve got spunk and aren’t afraid to show it. Your outspokenness becomes useful for you in discussions, making friends, or getting laughs. Socializing never gets old for you. No matter where you are you always try to have a good time.

Whipped Cream and Cherry – You’re a Perfectionist

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You love to throw some whip on that sundae, and top it off with a cherry. This mimics your tendency to always want to make things better: from helping friends to your love life. Perfectionism is among your many traits (sometimes you can be a bit OCD).

Familiar things bring you comfort. At a restaurant you’re the one picking the meal you’ve gotten before and know you love because it’s the best. You can over think things but take pride in your accomplishments. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself to some whipped cream, and take a small, or large, squirt from the can while no one’s watching. No judgement here.

Sprinkles – You’re Funny

Ice Cream

Photo by Vedika Luthra

This topping remains the most colorful out of them all, just like you. Happiness and rainbows run in your blood and you enjoy tradition. Sprinkles are simply a fun classic (don’t let your friends tell you that you’re too old-fashioned).

Imagination comes easily to you, which can be helpful for you in coming up with jokes or interesting conversation. Your friends appreciate your sense of humor. Any room you walk into lights up. You might not always be on time, but when your quirky, unique self does arrive, that’s when the party starts.

Nuts – You’re Passionate

Ice Cream

Photo by Katherine Carroll

Crazy for nuts on your ice cream? You work well under pressure and get things done. Somehow you manage to be spontaneous too. You crave change frequently: new experiences such as traveling, meeting new people, and creating bucket lists are what your dreams are made of. These dreams don’t only exist in your sleep either. You’re sure to make them come true. You love sleep, and are tender to those close to you, but you remain fierce and determined.

Fruit – You’re Conscientious

Ice Cream

Photo by Irene Kim

Going for the healthier option gets you weird reactions from your friends. You put what on your ice cream? That’s okay, you know fruit tastes just as good, if not better than the other toppings (plus it helps you stay healthy). Your awareness keeps you balanced in life and able to tune into the important things like family and grades. You like keeping fit both physically and mentally. Your balance makes it easy for you to take great opportunities that come your way. Overall you exhibit an amiable sweetness and pep that others can’t top.