Unless it's your first time going to Chick-fil-A, you go in knowing you're getting your go-to sauce. Is there a subconscious reason you always seem to go for the same Chick-fil-A sauce repeatedly? If there is, could this choice have a deeper meaning about your preferences and style in the bedroom? Let's see if your go-to sauce can say a little something about your sex life. 

Chick-fil-A: Traditional

Missionary is your go-to. You like to dabble in new things here and there, but stick to your comfort zone with the basics. Simple, but always irresistible. Just like Chick-fil-A sauce, you keep your partners coming back for more because you can satisfy every desire in one try.

Polynesian: Teaser

Your inclination to a sweet and sour taste can go with your dynamic personality. You can be sensual and passionate sometimes, but rough and dominant others. Because of this, you're the perfect tease. You can do it all, just like Polynesian.

Honey Mustard: Shy

You're more reserved about your sex life and lean more towards conventional styles, like Chick-fil-A sauce. After all, Chick-fil-A sauce does have hints of honey mustard. You rather keep it low-key and start off slow. 

Garlic & Herb Ranch: Experienced

Just like ranch, you've been through it all. Ranch is used for salads, sandwiches, and dipping sauces. It's proved itself to be a dependable choice for many pairings because it's fully dominated the condiment game, just as you've fully conquered the game in the bedroom.

Zesty Buffalo: Rough

You are bold, outgoing, and confident. You're not afraid to let your partner know how you like it. In fact, you just have no problem taking control and showing them. Just like buffalo's kick, you can spice up any encounter with your wild moves. 

Barbeque: Pleaser

Barbecue has remained a condiment staple for the longest time. Because of this, it's a go-to sauce to fill anyone's needs. Similarly, you know how to pleasure your partner like no other. You know all the ways to satisfy them and make it your foremost goal. It turns you on to see what you can do and you know you're in for a treat in return.

Sweet & Spicy Sriracha: Kinky

Sweet and Spicy Sriracha has so many different tastes in just one dip. Not a lot of people know the kinky side of you, but the few that do know that you have a unique style like none other. No matter how unconventional your preferences may seem, you'll pleasantly surprise your partner with a style they've never seen.

Honey Roasted BBQ: Romantic

A combination of two very sweet things, honey, and barbecue. You're as sweet and sensual as it gets. Passion is your best quality. You lean towards delicate movements and do everything with love from soft touches to intense kisses.

Now, if you opt for a combination of sauces or prefer sticking it to the traditional condiments, that's a whole other story.