Dessert is by far my favorite meal of the day. Whether it’s cookies, cake, or cotton candy, I’m totally on board. But let’s face it, we all play favorites. Similar to choosing a dessert, everyone has a “type” that they look for in their potential dating partners — whether that means tall with massive biceps, or short with curly hair, we all have something we look for. So what does your go-to dessert say about your dating style? Now you don’t have to wonder.


Japanese, cheesecake, jiggly, wine, Dinner
Rebecca Li

Just like this simple dessert, you’re just looking for someone classic and chill. You like to think of yourself as fairly low maintenance, and you don’t really need anything but affection. Doesn’t seem like that much to ask for, right?

Ice Cream

ice cream, cone, spoon, dairy, dessert, mint, chocolate, vanilla, scoop
Josi Miller

You’re not looking for anything serious. Why would you settle down when you could have cookie dough and mint chocolate chip in the same cup? Like the never-ending flavors of ice cream, you value variety in your life and like to keep your options open. Which is actually pretty legit.

Lava Cake

chocolate, cake, sweet, pastry, brownie, cream
Katya Simkhovich

The words “I can’t, I have to study” mean very little to you. And in a relationship, you’re just looking for someone just as adventurous as you — someone who will actually challenge you. Boring people are your own personal hell, and all you want is someone with a kind, gentle exterior but a hidden wild side. Enter: lava cake.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

chocolate, strawberry, sweet
Morgan Goldberg

No dessert says “romance” more than some chocolate covered strawberries. If this is what you find yourself craving, you’re likely a hopeless romantic. Your ideal evening consists of snuggling in bed with your S.O. and watching "Pride and Prejudice" for the 30th time. If you can find someone willing to actually do this with you, I applaud you.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate, blueberry, cookie
Spoon Csu

Just like this classic dessert, you’re fun loving and like to keep things simple. You roll with the flow and are not about the drama, and are quick to move on when a relationship just isn’t floating your boat.

Crème Brûlée

sweet, cream, pudding, pastry, custard, cake, creme brulee, chocolate, jam
Jocelyn Hsu

I’m gonna be honest, you’re a little high maintenance. Like the perfectly torched sugar on crème brûlée, it takes work to keep you happy. That being said, you’re classy AF and are always looking to have a good time.


candy, chocolate, sweet, cake, chips, goody
Ellis Linsmith

The words “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” literally make you cringe. Why would anyone ever decide to settle down? Similar to your taste in dessert, you’re a free spirit when it comes to dating — there are just way too many options to choose one.


Allison Curley

Like this decadent dessert, you like relationships that are filled with long walks on the beach, deep late night conversations, and gazing into each others’ eyes. Do what makes you happy, but please keep the PDA to a minimum.