Condiments not only speak volumes about our food tastes but if you think about it, they also reveal the unsuspecting aspects of our personalities. Next time you go in for that second dip, think about the meaning behind your preferred sauce.

1. Ketchup: You're Reliable

You are a classic, traditional kind of person who tends to play it safe. Most people love you because you are so reliable. 

2. Mustard: You're Unique

ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, juice
Bernard Wen

Versatility is key to you. You can be sweet, spicy, or mild, and like being a little different. No one ever knows what to expect from you.  

3. BBQ Sauce: You're Comforting

condiment, sauce, barbecue sauce, chili
Claire Waggoner

You are not afraid to make a mess and stand out. However, you also bring an element of comfort to your environment. 

4. Mayonnaise: You're Easygoing

Nicole Feretich

You like playing it low key and tend to be easygoing. You get along with most people, but sometimes find yourself needing something bigger or bolder spark your wild side. 

5. Sriracha: You're Fearless

Zoe Holland

Adventure is what drives your life. You are fearless when it comes to taking risks and trying new things, but you definitely don't want to get on your bad side.

6. Ranch: You're Humble

Simplicity is how someone would describe you. You are humble and unassuming, but nonetheless very friendly. People consider you the underdog.

7. Hot Sauce: You're Bold

ice, liquor, alcohol, beer
Stephanie DeVaux

You demand attention when you walk into a room, and most times you get it. You have a bold personality and are constantly looking for new excitement. 

People come in a wide variety of forms, bringing his or her own spices, flavors and attitudes to the table, so basically we are all condiments deep down inside.