Do you have a favorite adult beverage? Have you ever wondered what that drink says about you? Look no further! From margarita lovers to wine enthusiasts, we name them all. Keep reading to see if our description of you matches your go-to drink order. 


Julia Fennell

If your favorite drink is a margarita (frozen or regular!), you love to dance until dawn.

“Work hard, play hard”? That's you. Somehow, you fit everything in, whether it’s going to sports practices, doing your homework, and making it to that 8 a.m. lecture, all after a night out with friends.

#SpoonTip: If you love frozen margaritas, try the Original Fuzzy Rita, a frozen margarita that comes with a Coronita beer! In Colorado Springs, we know Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is a classic! 


Julia Fennell

If your favorite drink is a mimosa, you use “brunch” as a verb and are probably planning your next brunch right now!

You love a night in (or out!) with friends, but the morning after is your favorite part! I mean, who can blame you?! There’s nothing better than gossiping and re-telling stories after a night out with friends. If mimosas are the drink of your choice, your favorite food is likely a ginormous stack of pancakes, topped with fresh berries and 100% pure maple syrup — and don’t forget the coffee!! A mimosa might be your favorite drink, but you’ll guard your morning coffee with your life. You have all of the best recommendations for brunch spots in your hometown, your college town, and every city you ever visit! You know that the morning brunch spot is just as important to the quality of a trip as where you go the night before. 

Besides being a brunch expert, you are extremely organized, prepared, and intelligent. You are a planner and are probably a straight-A student. While you love to go out with friends at night, you always encourage your friends to keep up their grades.  You knew what college you wanted to go to, you got in, and you are already planning the next step — graduate school! You can’t really imagine a life without learning, and why should you? You know how important learning is, but you also love it. In your free time, you tutor high schoolers, go to study groups, and are working towards becoming a research assistant. Keep it up, you got this!


cocktail, juice, vodka, martini, tequila, lime
Weichen Yan

Is your favorite drink a martini? If so, you are the athlete of your friend group. No matter what sport you try, you succeed. You are a natural runner, basically a professional thrower, and you regularly do 100 sit-ups, yet, you are the most humble person your friends have ever met!

You know that the early bird gets the worm (or, in your case, the martini!), so you are early to bed, and early to rise. You love to start your morning off with a run, and who can blame you?! There’s nothing better than the crisp morning air of a cool fall day. While you love the gym and practicing sports, you hate watching them. You’d rather be doing than lazing around watching others play, so you don’t own a T.V. and barely watch Netflix.

 #SpoonTip: If you’re looking for a local restaurant with incredible martinis, check out The Rabbit Hole! Located in downtown Colorado Springs, The Rabbit Hole offers a variety of options for any martini-lover, including their signature martini, The White Rabbit! According to their menu, this drink contains vanilla vodka (yum!), coconut rum, a dash of cream, and is topped with a flaming marshmallow! For those looking for a drink without flames, rest assured, the menu also includes a coffee martini and a pear martini! 


wine, alcohol, liquor, ice, red wine, juice, cocktail
Alex Frank

If your drink of choice is wine, you are the mom of the group. While you love to party and have fun, you are also incredibly responsible, and most importantly, you ALWAYS have snacks! 

Like our mimosa friends, you are incredibly organized. You meal prep, pick out your clothes the night before, and always, always get gas before it’s on E :) Parents love you, and growing up, you were the go-to babysitter! Not only do parents love you, but kids do too. You are probably looking at going into a career that works with kids, and you’d be perfect for it! You are responsible, yet fun, and according to the kids, you make the best snacks:) While we never want to change you or your responsible ways, don't forget to let your hair down sometimes and have fun! As the kids say, YOLO! 

Julia Fennell

Agree with our descriptions? Couldn’t disagree more? Did we miss your favorite drink? Let us know! Comment below or on our Instagram @spoon_cc! And as always, enjoy responsibly.