Let's be honest. We're always on the quest to look effortlessly beautiful when the truth of the matter is we haven't gotten a decent sleep in weeks and spend a majority of our time hitting the books. Lucky for you, I'm here to expose the secret to how you can naturally enhance your beauty, sleep, and spirit.

The answer to your prayers is Moon Dust. No, it's not from outer space, but it is pretty incredible. Moon Dust was created by Moon Juice, a plant-based shop that was founded by world-traveling chef Amanda Bacon and celebrates unaltered and exquisite flavors.  

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While Moon Juice offers an array of plant-based foods, what truly stands out is their line of Moon Dusts. The six different Moon Dusts work at the deepest levels to enhance your spirit, sleep, beauty, body, brain, and sexual energy. They are made with the most potent organic herbs, plants, and minerals out there.

Got a big date? Add Sex Dust to your morning tea. A long night of studying ahead of you? Brain Dust will become your go to study buddy. Trying to catch up on your z's? Dream Dust will let you dream all night long.

Beauty Dust

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You've probably heard of the crazy expensive beauty regimens that celebrities endure to always be looking their best. Well, Gwyenth Paltrow's secret to looking naturally flawless 24/7 is—you guessed it—Moon Dust. 

Beauty Dust's formula of organic goji, Rehmannia, organic Schisandra, pear, and organic Stevia will leave your skin soft, hairy shiny, and eyes twinkling. Start out your morning with Paltrow's go-to breakfast shake and don't forget to add a sprinkle of Beauty Dust for that little extra glow. 

I decided to put the Beauty Dust to the test and had it with one of my go-to smoothies this week. While I could taste it slightly, it didn't ruin the flavor of the smoothie but added an earthy taste. It was worth it, and I did find after a few days my hair was softer. 

#SpoonTip: Moon Dust's new individual serving packs makes it easy to get your beauty fix in at any hour of the day, even if you're on the go.

Sex Dust

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I mean, let's be honest, we all want to stay young forever. This dust can keep you feeling young and alive. Sex dust incorporates Ho shou wu, an herb tonic that has been used for ages to enhance sex drive and youthfulness. 

Moon Juice recommends blending their dust's with nut milk or water but that can get boring. Want to spend the day in the kitchen? Whip up a batch of this Sex Bark, featuring the one and only Sex Dust. 

Brain Dust

As college students, we could all use a little extra brain power now and then. When you've got a long day of studying ahead of you and are in need of some, "clarity, memory, creativity, alertness, and a capacity to handle stress," start your day off right by sprinkling some Brain Dust into a Chai Latte or coffee. 

Simply incorporating this dust to your daily diet will help you adapt to the physical and environmental stresses you face every day (as college kids being stressed is second nature). I've added it to an iced chai latte and loved the flavor combo. I can't say I had increadible focus while studying, but I'm willing to give it a few more tries. 

#SpoonTip: Every box of the Moon Dust sachets comes with a Moon Dust Cosmic Cooklet to help you learn new and exciting ways to eat your Moon Dust. 

Spirit Dust

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Life can get hectic, and sometimes we all just need peace of mind. Lucky for you, Spirit Dust can help you out. Intended to promote awareness, creativity, and joy for a peaceful mind, this Dust will help you find happiness and appreciation for life every day.

Made with gogi and Stevia, Spirit Dust has the perfect amount of sweetness. Blend a little Spirit Dust in your morning smoothie or oatmeal to start your day off the most nutritious way possible.

Dream Dust

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Being a student doesn't leave much time for sleep. After a long week (and even longer weekend), you're going to want some Dream Dust to help you prepare for the busy week ahead. 

The blend of Zizyphus, organic Schisandra, and organic chamomile will help you slip into a deep and sound slumber. Mix the dust with some warm milk or tea before bed and prepare yourself for the best sleep you've had in ages. 

Anyone who knows me knows I swear by melatonin, so I was down to give Dream Dust a try. I definitely liked it, but it would have tasted better in a smoothie. With that said, Moon Juice's Dream Dust helped me fall asleep easily.

Power Dust 

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Whether you're an athlete, enjoy working out, or don't frequent the gym, chances are you still always want to be feeling your best and working to the best of your abilities. To help you perform at your peak and keep your stamina strong, Moon Juice created Power Dust, which features ginseng, a natural energy booster.

Add Power Dust to your pre-workout meal or even post-workout shake to keep you going all day long. Running low on time? Throw some Power Dust into a Daily Harvest Smoothie (my latest obsession) for a quick, easy, and oh-so-delicious snack. 

Disclaimer: Moon Juice sent me samples of dust for free to try out for myself so I could truly vouch for these products. All opinions are my own.