If you are anything like me, you must have binge-watched this amazing show on Netflix called Money HeistMoney Heist, a.k.a La Casa De Papel, is back with season four and people can’t get enough. The crime-thriller revolves around a group of robbers who take on the near-impossible task of looting Spain’s Royal Mint. The mastermind behind the plan, “the Professor”, brings together a group of robbers who don’t have much to lose.

Each robber is given the name of a city and is forbidden to tell anyone their real names. With endless surprises and plot twists, this show keeps you on edge. The foods I should eat depending on my favorite Money Heist character is a big question because obviously, I am a foodie and always want to know where I stand in relation to some of my favorite actors. With the help of this Buzzfeed Quiz, I bring you some serious food business.

Berlin: Pizza

pizza, sauce, BBQ, chicken, bbqpizza, onions, spinach
Lauren Kruchten

The boldness and stealthiness of Berlin reminds me of a nice, big, cheesy slice of pizza. Pizza brings us comfort, but also is bold in the way that it can be prepared however your heart desires: Savory, like your classic cheese, or sweet, like Hawaiian. You can even have a combination of both and it still would be amazing. 

Denver: Finger Food

Cheap, table, diner, Dinner, bun, lettuce, mustard, retro, Red, Baskets, potato, sweet, ketchup, coleslaw, food, Fast, Fried, sandwich, BBQ, corndog, burger, fries
Katie Kasperson

What makes for a better representation of Denver other than finger food? It's versatile, yet a bit immature, just like a chicken nugget or greasy french fry. Finger food can make any situation a bit lighter and remove any kind of awkwardness, which is why Denver and finger food are the perfect match.

Helsinki: Guacamole

guacamole, salsa, vegetable, avocado, jalapeno
Jocelyn Hsu

There is so much more to this character than meets the eye. He is understanding, accepting, and supportive of his friends—helping them shine while maintaining his own fabulous image. What better than guacamole to describe Helsinki.

Moscow: Caesar Salad

chicken, salad, meat, lettuce, vegetable
Michelle Miller

Moscow is one of the warmest characters on the show, being that he is the fatherly figure to Denver, Rio, and Tokyo. He is one of the most gentle souls who cares a lot about others. He will even let others take the front seat in order to get the attention. A simple, crisp, and light Caesar Salad is pure and natural, which is why it can be eaten as a meal or can also be paired with a pasta dish and still be great. Caesar Salad helps us understand the kind of personality Moscow has. 

Nairobi: Cupcake

chocolate, cream, cupcake, buttercream
Marisa Goldstein

Brave and bold with just a bit of mystery is something that depicts Nairobi and cupcakes perfectly. Cupcakes can be savory, sweet, and some even contain a surprise filling on the inside, adding to the mystery described in Nairobi's character. Most importantly, cupcakes never lack attention. They always shine brightly in their cases, further showing that their boldness is the perfect compliment to Nairobi's. 

Oslo: Dark Chocolate

bite, chocolate bar, Hershey's, chocolate
Kayla Hawthorne

Oslo, just like his brother Helsinki, is a bit intimidating and is not open to everyone. You really need to spend time with him and get to know him so that you can truly understand him. This makes him the perfect dark chocolate because it's intimidating on the calorie front, but rich, gooey, and full of flavor on the inside. 

The Professor: Steak

pork, steak, lamb
Charlotte Hull

The professor is a hard-working, strong, and dependable person who would not mind a meal that has many steps to cook, but the taste makes it extremely worth it in the end. This makes him the perfect candidate to be steak.

Rio: Mac n' Cheese

Mac And Cheese, cheese, macaroni
Brittany Arnett

Rio is sentimental, sensitive, and thrives in a comforting and cozy environment. Mac n' Cheese is the ultimate comfort food, making you feel nostalgic about your childhood and always leaves you wanting more. 

Tokyo: Ice Cream

ice, cream, ice cream, waffle, strawberry
Amelia Hitchens

One of the most unpredictable characters of the series is Tokyo. She is loyal, headstrong, energetic, and has a heart of gold. She is a complete mess with a lot of love to offer, similar to our love for ice cream. It stands out in every situation and can be combined with crazy toppings, which makes it all the more amazing.

This exciting and griping show combined with some of the most delicious foods makes for a great day of eating, and depending on which food you love most, you'll know your favorite Money Heist character.