During one of my usual Target runs, I happened to stumble upon the freezer aisle. Scanning for the most mouthwatering yet healthy-ish ice cream option available, I took a chance and tossed ENLIGHTENED's Triple Chocolate ice cream pint right into my cart.

Spoiler alert: I instantly became hooked. 

Here are the top 7 ENLIGHTENED ice cream flavors to try immediately. Oh and did I mention each flavor of ENLIGHTENED's ice cream is high in protein, low in fat, and contains a fraction of the calories compared to other ice cream brands?

I'm warning you now...you may become as hooked as I am. 

1. Glazed Donut

doughnut, chocolate, sweet, pastry, candy, sprinkles, cake
Megan Clarkson

If donuts are your personal weakness (I mean who doesn't love donuts), ENLIGHTENED's Glazed Donut pint might just be your new favorite. This pint has glazed donut ice cream, chocolate icing, and rainbow sprinkles all mixed together. You'll need to have a serious sweet tooth. 

Calories per serving: 80

2. Birthday Cake 

candy, sweet, sprinkles
Christin Urso

Love your birthday? Same. Now it can literally be your birthday all year long. ENLIGHTENED's Birthday Cake pint contains rainbow sprinkles mixed with creamy cake batter ice cream. And the best news? It's got 6 grams of protein, and only 5 grams of sugar. 

Calories per serving: 70 

3. Marshmallow Peanut Butter

marshmallow, candy, sweet
Avery Nicholson

Despite a somewhat unusual pairing, this ENLIGHTENED ice cream pint is pretty darn delicious. Its got marshmallow ice cream infused with swirls of peanut butter. Try it immediately. 

Calories per serving: 90 

4. Brownies and Cookie Dough 

Photo courtesy of ENLIGHTENED

This one is for all you chocolate lovers. ENLIGHTENED's Brownies and Cookie Dough pint contains chunks of soft chocolate chip cookie dough and chewy fudge brownie pieces mixed in with chocolate ice cream. You've really got to love chocolate for this one. 

Calories per serving: 100 

5. Mint Chocolate Chip

mint, chocolate, cone, dairy, dessert, scoop, icecream
Josi Miller

Mint Chocolate ice cream is a timeless classic, however ENLIGHTENED's version has both less calories and sugar. This version is also pretty simple with chocolate chips and refreshing mint ice cream. Simple, yet delicious. 

Calories per serving: 80 

6. Sea Salt Caramel 

cream, ice, milk, dairy product, chocolate, ice cream, sweet, coffee
Torey Walsh

I may never understand the craze for sea salt and caramel, however for those of you who simply can't get enough of the sweet and salty combo, this ENLIGHTENED flavor was made for you. The pint contains swirls of caramel mixed with sea salt ice cream.

Calories per serving: 80 

7. Movie Night

Photo courtesy of ENLIGHTENED

And saving the best for last of course, is ENLIGHTENED's Movie Night ice cream flavor. The pint has chocolate pieces and caramel swirls mixed in with popcorn ice cream. Your hot date with Netflix just got WAY better.

Calories per serving: 90