In recent times, rooftop bars have become more of a thing and have boomed in overall popularity. Pair the idea of going to a rooftop with being in New York and in most people's eyes, you're gold. However, no two rooftops are the same, and Ophelia is here to make a statement in hopes of proving such to you.

Please explain.

To start, Ophelia is a new rooftop lounge that's settled in the Midtown East area of New York. They're best known for their cocktails, which probably is the main reason that you'd make your way over to Ophelia in the first place aside from the gorgeous views of the city are in existence. One of the great things about Ophelia is that they're trendy with their food offerings, so now you can drink your gorgeous cocktails with your perfectly trendy meal and not have to worry about being disappointed in the quality and aesthetics of what you're paying for. 

Ophelia stands out like a glittery unicorn from the other rooftop lounges in New York in the sense that they genuinely comprehend that nobody wants trashy food and weak juice cocktails. They ensure that your food tastes great and that you have drinkable drinks that don't taste like apple juice. You don't want apple juice; you want a buzz and a great time.

What else is there to know?

In short, the main point of this entire article is for me to inform you about Ophelia's new service; so let's get started. 

Starting on Sunday, July 8th, Ophelia will be launching their new service, which is aptly titled Sundays at Ophelia. Each Sunday, the service will run from 12 pm to 5 pm and can be best described as the ultimate Sunday Funday experience from any rooftop lounge in New York. The service entails live music from local musicians, a new cocktail menu, and a new Sunday only food menu. The thing with all of the musicians is that they're all on a rotating schedule, so the music will never be the same for two consecutive Sundays.

Now onto the new menu part, aka the important part. Ophelia has some new cocktails lined up for their Sundays at Ophelia, such as their Watermelon Refresher ($16) which comprises of fresh watermelon juice, honey, lemon, bourbon, ginger beer and mint and their own Mimosa ($14), which consists of prosecco, napoleon mandarin, orange foam, and bitters. If you're anything like me and can't wake up early on the weekends ever but are still looking to drink (especially on a Sunday), neither drink from Ophelia will deprive your taste buds of the necessary flavor and texture that your taste buds need in order to survive as taste buds.

Ophelia has a new food menu that's just for their Sundays at Ophelia service. On the menu, there are dishes such as the Reuben Benedict, the Lobster and Corn Fritters, Avocado Toast, and their new Bacon Steak. The Reuben Benedict is made with pastrami, caraway, and Russian hollandaise while their Lobster & Corn Fritters dish is made with bacon, roasted shallots, and honey chipotle dip. Ophelia's Avocado Toast is made with pumpkin seeds, basil, cojita and cherry tomato, while their new Bacon Steak is made with a black onion puree and spicy bbq sauce. Pricing for these menu items is as follows; you can either get two items for $25 or three items for $40, which makes it a great option if you're out with your friends, on a date, or third wheeling. 

If you've taken anything away from this article, it'd be that trying out Ophelia's new Sundays at Ophelia is the amongst the best options to spend your Sunday(s) in New York. Not only will the amazing food and drinks keep you out of the heat, but you'll be out of the overcrowded streets and not so hangry anymore.