Most weekends call for a long night out with friends, and every good night ends with a great bite to eat. After a long week you're bound to let loose and want to cap off a fun night with a late night bite, but what you'll order will depend on your zodiac sign. Because you know, your zodiac sign can tell you everything, including what kind of food you're going to drunk eat.

Aries: Burger and Fries

shakeshack, fries, burger, shackburger, crinklefries, hamburger, tray, lettuce, tomao
Justin Oh

Aries, as the head of the zodiac, we know you hate hearing the word "no." You dominate drunk eating by choosing something classic, yet perfect for a late night bite. You'll be hitting up McDonald's or the nearest Shake Shack, but either way, this meal will definitely satisfy your salty craving. 

Taurus: Pizza

Jackie Heller

As a Taurus, we know how much you need security. We also know how much you like rich and flavorful foods. So what's better than pizza? You'll keep it classic with a plain cheese or make it fancy with a pie like this honey and goat cheese pizza from City Tap House. Do yourself a favor and add Domino's to your speed dial before Saturday.

Gemini: Tacos

tacos, corn
Blair Baker

Just as Gemini are versatile and vibrant, so are tacos. Mix it up and go all veggie, or load up on steak and beans. Add some salsa, or if you want to be adventurous, throw in some Cholula Hot Sauce. 

Cancer: Cook Your Own

coffee, beer, tea
Rebecca Block

Cancer, you hate frozen dinners, but are likely to be found in the kitchen, so you're going to make your own drunk food. Try any of these snacks to satisfy your drunk cravings, but make sure to stay safe in the kitchen. Better find a snack that doesn't require leaving the oven on.

Leo: Brownie Sundae

chocolate, cream, caramel, coffee, ice, ice cream
Steven Shaltiel

Hello drama queen, Leo. As a Leo, you express yourself boldly. And bold translates to mean rich, creamy chocolate. You'll enjoy a brownie sundae this weekend. Throw some caramel sauce or hot fudge on it, and don't forget the whipped cream and cherry on top. 

Virgo: Waffles

blueberry, syrup, pancake, berry
Jamie Cohen

OK Virgo, we get it, you don't like spicy food. As a Virgo, you are very focused on your wellbeing, so you're going to eat some waffles to soak up all that booze. Find the nearest Waffle House or pick up a box of Eggo ASAP.

Libra: Mac and Cheese

macaroni, pasta, spaghetti, cheese, cheddar, sauce, vegetable
Jocelyn Hsu

You seek peace, style, grace, and rich food. That just sounds like a mac and cheese craving. There are so many options for you to enjoy this amazing drunk indulgence. You'll pick up a four pack of Easy Mac, a box of Annie's, or walk over to Mac Mart to get your cheese on. 

Scorpio: Buffalo Wings

sauce, meat, chicken, pork, vegetable, beef
Katie Zizmor

You are intense and focused, just like buffalo wings. Buffalo sauce will satisfy your spicy food craving. You know there's a reason why Buffalo Wild Wings is open late every night. 

Sagittarius: Street Meat

vegetable, chicken, sauce, meat, gyro, fish, lettuce
Helena Lin

You are not afraid to dream big or eat some street meat. These carts are usually located in prime spots and are easily accessible on your night out. Street meat won't break the bank, but it will leave you satisfied this weekend.

Capricorn: Chicken Nuggets

french fries, ketchup, sweet
Alex Frank

You like having structure in your life, but you are also ambitious. Sounds like you will be a fan of the dollar menu with the option to choose all of the sauce you want. Maybe you'll even add some fries to that order. Capricorn, you know you want the chicken nuggets. 

Aquarius: Assorted Chips

chips, potato
Allie Royce

Grab your Doritos, Fritos, Cheetos, and Lays because you hate having to choose just one snack. Aquarius, find the biggest bowl you own and load it up with all of your favorite chips and pretzels. You'll be happy when you reach the bottom. 

Pisces: Oatmeal

oatmeal, rice, porridge, cereal, milk, muesli
Christin Urso

Practical, yet delicious, oatmeal will fulfill your need to heal after all that drinking. Oatmeal will not only fill you up, but it will leave you feeling happy and less bloated. Pisces, you're smart to go for the oats.

Find your perfect food to drunk eat before you take your first sip, and definitely before the hangover hits. Just listen to your zodiac sign and your weekend ahead will be great.