The key to a successful game day is eating the wholesome foods that can help one party longer and prevent sending embarrassing texts to your ex. Finding the right pregame foods to eat is just as important as drinking water and to staying hydrated. Pregaming with hearty food is crucial to avoid regurgitating or having a hangover. There are surprisingly many proper breakfast foods that are not too heavy, yet have the essential nutrients needed for the body before alcohol consumption. 

Low-Fat Yogurt  

Alex Frank

Low-fat yogurt is a go-to, not only for those less gifted in cooking, but also for a quick bite before game day. The three main macronutrients of fat, protein, and carbohydrates can be obtained by eating yogurt with granola. This allows the food to take longer to digest (about four to six hours), which slows down the digestion/effects of alcohol. There are a variety of yogurt options that can be found at any local grocery store, as well as Unit 3's Bear Market and The Den next to Crossroads dining hall


Sarah Silbiger

Avocado is a healthy fat that helps slow down the rate of alcohol absorption into the bloodstream. It also helps protect the liver, which is susceptible to be damaged by alcohol. Avocado is another useful pregame food that can be easily made into a breakfast food with some toast, creating the popular food combination: avocado toast.

You can make avocado toasts at home, or find them at Bartavelle Coffee & Wine Bar. If you're into salads and sandwiches, Café Mezzo is another place that offers a generous serving of avocado on its offerings.


Jocelyn Hsu

Eggs are important because they are high in cysteine, which is an essential acid that can combat acetaldehyde that causes damage and permanent scarring to the liver. 

While there are lots of places that serve eggs, Cafe Durant is a a popular spot for pregame food, in part because of its prime location. Cafe Durant offers a wide variety of egg dishes, ranging from eggs any style with protein-based topping, to a Chicken Pesto Omelet served with home fries and wheat toast. Even better? Doors open at 7:30AM every day.


Alex Frank

Potatoes are full of potassium, which helps replenish the potassium the body loses when taking shots and other hard alcohol. The home fries served at Cafe Durant have many of the crucial components needed in pregame food. For a healthier alternative, potatoes can also be eaten baked or roasted, instead of fried. 

Holly Park

Daytime football games are the one time fraternity guys will willingly wake up to game day at 8AM, but this also makes it difficult to find appropriate breakfast foods to eat so early in the morning. While it is still possible to find the right foods to eat, it is important to plan what foods to eat. An important thing to remember is that whatever you eat does not have to be greasy and heavy. Fortunately, these options offer a simple and practical way to eat before game day. Have fun, stay safe, and as always, go Bears (and beers).