When I moved into residence for the first time this past September, my mom surprised me with my very own Vitamix. Needless to say, I was pretty jazzed. However, my mind drew a blank when it came to uses other than whipping up a breakfast smoothie or protein shake. After some trial and error, I have discovered 10 hidden ways to use a Vitamix.

1. Soup

When it’s minus a bazillion outside, you have three papers due, and a midterm coming up, your Vitamix has got your back. Try this insanely quick and easy sweet potato soup.

2. Ice Cream/Nice Cream/Sorbet

Homemade ice cream—often referred to as “nice cream”—is currently all the rage. By starting with a basic base of frozen banana, vanilla, and almond milk, the flavor possibilities are endless! Add in some chocolate, raspberries, peanut butter, cinnamon, and create the ice cream of your dreams.

3. Crushing Ice

Reminisce about simpler times while drinking adult slushies.

4. Grinding Flour

This one is for all the celiacs out there. Save yourself money by buying flour ingredients in bulk and grinding them yourself. 

5. Non-Dairy Milk

Don’t worry, vegans, I didn’t forget about you. From almond milk to hemp milk, the Vitamix can do it all. The best part? You can experiment with crazy new flavours. Maple walnut milk anyone?

6. Nut Butters

Whether you are #TeamAlmondButter or #TeamPeanutButter, your Vitamix will never argue. The best part? You can add whatever mix-ins you want! Vanilla-maple walnut? Cinnamon raisin almond butter? The world is your oyster… erm blender?

7. Grating Cheese

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

8. Hummus and Guacamole

If you’re still not on the avo-train, then now is your chance! Making homemade guac has never been easier. Hummus is the ultimate spread for veggies and pita bread. Those little individual packs at the store are great, but nothing will ever taste as good as homemade hummus.

9. Whipped Cream

Genius. That is all I have to say.

10. Pasta Sauce

You're better than that stuff in a jar. My personal favourite is this beauty from Chocolate Covered Katie.     

The next time you contemplate whether a blender is worth investing in, remember that it is capable of more than just smoothies and milkshakes!