Beer; it's something that we either love to hate or hate to love; there's no in-between for the most part. However, no two beers are the same, despite them being in the same group of beers; I'm talking IPA, stout, lager, etc. This doesn't have to be the case, and Goose Island is aware of that; which is why they just launched their new low-cal So-Lo IPA for us all to enjoy.

What are the details?

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Alex Frank

For those of you that are batsh!t clueless as to what an IPA is, it stands for India Pale Ale; a type of beer that I usually don't mess with, but this beer's worth messing with. Why, you ask? Well, to start, So-Lo brings all the big hop flavor you’d expect from an IPA in a light, low calorie, low ABV brew that doesn’t sacrifice flavor. So-Lo was brewed with flavor at the forefront and is loaded with hops that have been carefully tested to achieve the best flavor. Originally piloted in Goose’s hometown of Chicago, So-Lo will be hitting the shelves nationally in January.

With only 98 calories, an alcohol by volume level of 3% (pause; don't go calling this beer juice; please don't), 9 grams of carbs, a light gold color to it, aroma notes of citrus and herbal with a the perfect amount of bitterness to it, So-Lo is so-worth trying. The beer itself comes in either a six pack of 12 ounce cans, or in a pack of 15 12 ounce cans; totally up to you as to which you decide to buy; no pressure.

What else is there to know?

A wise man by the name of Brewmaster Keith Gabbett once said the following:

“With So-Lo, we set out to create a low-cal, low-ABV IPA that actually tastes like an IPA. We brewed a lower gravity beer which gives a lower ABV and a lower calorie count as, generally, most of the calories in beer, comes from the alcohol. So you see, So-Lo achieves lower calories because of the lower ABV. It’s great body and mouthfeel come from oat flakes. We also use dextrin malts like CaraFoam and Carapils Copper that are virtually unfermentable lending the beer body while still keeping the gravity, and ultimately the calories, low. We chose to go this route because we didn’t want to add anything back to the beer (like monk fruit or other sweeteners) and wanted to utilize traditional brewing ingredients and techniques.”

What this means for you is that you'll get a beer that actually tastes like beer, and one that doesn't taste like pee... sure we've all been there with that, and it's not good. Besides; when we drink, it's better if booze tastes like nothing at all, but it's also a good thing when booze tastes how it's supposed to taste.

On that note, go forth and conquer the world with a can of So-Lo in your hands, cause there's no better way to enjoy life than having fun while you're at it; life's too short to be miserable all the time, but that's no excuse to drink your issues away; but booze certainly does help to an extent.