On January 29, 2019, Tyson Foods and Purdue recalled a combined 52,000 pounds of chicken nuggets after it was discovered that the beloved nugs were contaminated with extraneous materials and packages were mislabeled. Unfortunately, you do have to temporarily say goodbye to dino shaped nuggets, but lucky for you, here is a list of everything else you can eat to make up for it.

My personal fav, Pizza Bagels

What's not to love about pizza bagels. Take some cheese and sauce, put it on a mini bagel and boom, you have delicious pizza bagels. Or....you could be like me and buy the premade, frozen (but still fantastic) pizza bagels and heat them up in your dorm room microwave. Ugh, I just love a nice home-cooked meal.

butter, apple
Rebecca Pang

Up next we have, Mozzarella Sticks

I have never personally tried a mozzarella stick from the frozen aisle, however, I do think that they would be great. Grab yourself a side of warm marinara sauce and dig in. You could also go down the adventurous route and try to make them yourself with some string cheese and breadcrumbs.

chicken, meat, fish fingers, mozzarella, vegetable
Isabella Neuberg

Another fantastic alternative, Waffles

If you have never had a frozen waffle, you're for sure missing out. Yes, homemade ones are unreal, but you can't knock it until you try it. It takes literally 3 minutes to make and you won't even be able to taste the difference. If only we had some dino nugs to make chicken and waffles, SIGH :(

waffle, butter
Hui Lin

Don't forget about Dumplings!

They come in many shapes and sizes, and also in many different varieties. You can buy chicken, beef, or even vegetable dumplings; the choice is yours! I would highly recommend a side of soy sauce to add some extra tang to your meal.

dough, dumpling, pastry, gyoza, meat, chicken
Teodora Maftei

If none of the previous suggestions floats your boat, try Taquitos

Just like dumplings, taquitos also come in many different varieties and they are definitely worth a try. They typically consist of a tortilla filled with meat, cheese, and some vegetables. While you can make them in a microwave, an oven may be a better alternative if you like your taquitos nice and crispy.

bread, wheat, pastry, sweet, cookie, flour, dough, candy
Tianna Blount

Last, but certainly not least, French Fries

French fries go with chicken nuggets like peanut butter & jelly, milk & cookies, cheese & pizza, you know what I'm sayin. However, french fries are just as amazing on their own. They're the perfect snack when you're starving, on a road trip, or grabbing something to eat late at night. I personally enjoy my fries plain and simple with a side of ketchup, but spice them up in whichever way you desire.  

french fries, salt, potato, ketchup, fries
Amelia Hitchens