A little less than a week ago, the 4th season of popular Netflix show Black Mirror came out. For those who haven't seen the show, watch it... like, yesterday. The series' sharp and suspenseful representations of the dangers of technological development in the modern world are unparalleled. The genius thought behind each episode never fails to amaze me.

Disclaimer: watch these episodes at moments where you have time to debrief after. If you watch and then go right to something else, your brain may or may not combust.

While you sit back and take the wild mind ride of Black Mirror, here's what you should be eating with each episode of the new season:

USS Callister- Froot Loops and Orange Juice

Being the first episode of the season, I assume you will start your day of binge-watching with this one. Pour yourself a big bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice, and get going. The Froot Loops will compliment the uniquely vibrant and rainbow color scheme of this space-themed episode. When you get more and more stressed (which you will), you can crunch a little harder to release some steam.

Arkangel- Smoothie

The smoothie plays a special role in this episode (if you know, you know). I can assure you that you will feel empowered by making YOUR OWN smoothie before watching this episode. Tell your mom to step away from the blender and make your damn smoothie all by yourself. Flaunt your independence because, trust me, this episode will make you feel grateful for it.

Crocodile- Hot Cocoa and Pretzels

OK, this episode is WACK. I'm talking like as wack as Trump's tweets, except this episode is surprisingly more violent. Contrasting the tragedies of this episode, the Iceland wintery landscape is beautiful and will make you crave a good cup of hot cocoa. Why pretzels? Because you're gonna need carbs that are light on your stomach to deal with some of the content.

Hang the DJ- Red Wine and Dark Chocolate

Probably my personal favorite of this season, this episode is about as sensual as Timothée Chalamet in the new movie, Lady Bird. (Click here for a picture and thank me later.) In all seriousness though, this episode calls for some aphrodisiacs such as chocolate and wine. Surprisingly, the lots of fiery, and not so fiery, love scenes throughout are not even the best part. You MUST see the ending for a major twist (classic Black Mirror move).

Metalhead- Oreos and Milk

To be honest, I was pretty apprehensive about adding an all black and white episode to the series. Besides its color, though, this episode was like any other Black Mirror adventure: intense, antagonistic, and definitely worth watching. To embrace the atypical coloration of this episode, dunk some Oreos into milk and enjoy the black and white journey.

Black Museum- Popcorn and Pop

This episode has everyone talking. Some may say, "WTF?" Others may say, "What the f**k?" While some others may say, "What the ACTUAL f**k?" As the title gives away, there is a museum involved (hint: not your average museum, DUH). What better food to eat at a museum than popcorn? You can watch this strange chain of events unfold with a big bowl of popcorn, and a cup of pop. (Yes, I said pop. I'm from the Midwest #sns.)

Whatever order you watch it in-- the beauty of Black Mirror is there's no order to the episodes-- I hope you enjoy some delicious treats. Let's be real... what's the only thing that could make the bleak reality of our technology-obsessed futures a little more bearable? Food.