Food is a powerful source of energy and tastefulness. Do you ever wonder how food can also define what type of personality and preferences you have, based on just a few culinary choices?

From time to time, the fashion industry creates unique designs with food references or shapes, such as the Love Muffin Charm from Tiffany’s. Some of these accessories can make you think of desserts too, like the traditional Tiffany Blue Heart whose color reminds me of the delicate Marie-Antoinette Ladurée macaron.

If you believe yourself to be a fashionable person who always has your eyes peeled for the prettiest and catchiest trends, this food-fashion guide might be interesting for you. Find out how much your sweet palate matches with some of the most pretty and exclusive Tiffany & Co. Charms

1. Marie-Antoniette Ladurée macaron: Tiffany Blue Heart charm

macaroon, sweet, candy, meringue, cookie, chocolate, pistachio, macaron, cake, sweetmeat, cream, pastry
Hannah Linn

You’re probably a person who loves traditional tastes, small dishes, and has an eye for details. Accuracy and loyalty are a few of your key traits, along with a romantic and classy personality. I can see you taking tiny bites from your macarons while wearing the tiny Tiffany heart charm around your neck.

2. Love Muffin Charm

candy, blueberry, cookie, blueberry muffin, goody, pastry, muffin, cake, chocolate, sweet
Jocelyn Hsu

You must be a foodie, who likes consistency and laughing at funny things. This charm would definitely suit you, you muffin lover

3. Sugar Pie Charm

pie, apple pie
Jocelyn Hsu

Still a foodie, but you don’t mind sharing a piece of your delicious pie with others, do you? Your special generosity and friendly demeanor are as golden as this Sugar Pie Charm

4. Cupcake: Cupcake Charm

muffin, cookie, sweet, sprinkles, cream, candy, pastry, cake, chocolate
Julia Wigdor

Art is very likely to be one of your vivid passions. I bet you are a smiley person, who loves bright colours, laughing at jokes, and eating food toppings. Your free spirit can pull off the cupcake charm.

5. Lollipop Charm

You share similar traits with the cupcake charm person, but you probably have a more playful, childlike attitude. You also have a deep interest in vintage items like old movies, music and literature.

These Tiffany's accessories may be very cute, but not that cheap or affordable to buy them all at once. Still, you can treat yourself in a fashionable way with these sweet food charms. Nobody will stop you!