We as human beings are creatures of habit and are comforted with the sense of familiarity of doing things in a way. Without going into the depths of psychology, solipsism and human behavior in general, we all have had incidences when someone points out a habit of ours that we deny cause it's pushed back in our conscious. While pondering over some random Aristotle quotes during a Sunday lunch with my family, I started noticing people ordering food. Lo and behold, I did this for a whole week and quite amusingly found great likeness when compared. This list includes 5 personalities that proclaimed the most identifiable.

1. The Wild Child

This category includes people who are the risk takers. They love to explore and evolve their palettes rather than sticking to the conventional choices. People who order food on the basis of the physical appeal, smell and fancy ingredients.

"Oh my God, look at that! Not there, that 9 o'clock table. That looks delicious. I am definitely ordering that." Guilty as charged, I myself have had a moment like this while grabbing a cheeky Nandos.

2. The Comfort Seeker

Despite the call of the cravings, some of us like to stick to "The Heart Wants What It Wants". God knows what neurons lead us to make food choices and have these selective personalities but it is an amusing scenario. Therefore, this food personality includes those who stick to their comfort food. 

This includes situations like when your friend or a family member asks you what would you want from Dominos and you reply " The same, of course". 

3. The Charlie Brown

I swear by the reality of this category. I am typically an indecisive human being and ordering food is another cause of anxiety. Thankfully, I am not the only one with this difficulty or dilemma.

I want to eat chicken shawarma, I said. I ended up eating a malai chicken roll and then five minutes later was beating myself over not eating something I originally wanted.  Sigh, I am still bummed about it.

4. The Shelby 

A group of people very important to keep us massive foodies on track. People in this category are very health conscious and always look into the calories intake a certain food can lead to. I have the utmost respect for these individuals.

I would say, with a friend who belongs in this category, the relationship you develop when eating out is quite symbiotic in nature. It is your great duty to help them out during those heavenly cheat days.

5. The Bon Viveur

Sometimes in life, there is more to eating food than just due to hunger. We are bare humans trying to ride the rollercoaster in our own way and therefore end up dealing with situations that require the need of comfort from the food we eat. Be it an ice cream binge or just a massive takeout order, it's an experience we all have had.

Last month I tried a vast variety of food from Pizza Express that I would probably never try on a normal day. A downer day and a best friend to introduce the idea of eating away your sorrows are all you need in life.

End Note:

Hopefully, many of you could identify with this article. If not, this was written on the mere result of observation and hence no form of judgment was induced on a personal level except the mentioned experiences of the writer. 

Adios amigos, Homer style.