I'm so egg-cited! Easter is here and the bunny is going to put some candy into my basket.  There are so many reese-ons why you should read below to find out which candy best describes your personality.  It's Easter, for Peeps sake! 

Chocolate Bunny

goody, sweet, milk, candy, chocolate
Julia Stobbie

Like the most sold Easter candy, you are popular and enjoy being the center of attention. You don't care what other people think of you which may come off as egocentric. Your hard outer shell protects you from the hollow feelings deep inside. You are an energetic individual who can be found most often at the gym. Your friends may describe you as a "gym bunny."

Jelly Beans

jelly beans, sweet, bonbon, jelly, candy
Shannon Carney

You're a well-rounded person and can be found participating in the latest club or volunteer group. Like the jelly bean, you come in many different flavors, which allows you to make friends easily and have a variety of friend groups. You are always full of surprises and are willing to take on new challenges which keeps everyone on their toes.   

Reese's Egg

Alexa Nakamura

You’re a very social person that everyone wants to be friends with. You're the perfect combination of sweet and salty. Although some people can’t handle your salty side, that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you. You keep things real, which is also why you have so many followers on Instagram.  

Cadbury Mini Eggs

cake, chocolate, sweet, goody, candy
Alexa Nakamura

You are a go-getter. You work hard to be successful and try to motivate those around you. Your colorful personality is one of the many reasons everyone looks up to you. Those long strenuous hours spent in the library really paid off when you received an A on that test or quiz. Staying grounded is hard, but you have a solid core of values and beliefs which help you stay true to yourself.  


banana, lemon
Julia Stobbie

You're a people person. You have a core group of friends that does everything together and when you're not together you're probably FaceTiming. You never like being alone or apart for too long. Like the color of a peep, you have a bright and bubbly personality. You enjoy watching reality TV, keep up with the latest trends on social media, and have an immaculate sense of fashion. You enjoy making other people happy and put a smile on their face.  

You're so sweet for reading this.  Hope you have an egg-cellent Easter!