We're currently in the midst of yet another season of the Bachelor. We're also currently approaching spring break, and many of us are trying to be healthy. Sometimes, however, we just have to treat ourselves or at least imagine eating a delicious dessert to satisfy our cravings.

If you need a dessert to dream about, why not dream about them as some of the dreamiest people? Each of the past five bachelors and bachelorettes have been unique from one another, just like the variety of yummy desserts that are out there. I give you, bachelors and bachelorettes as desserts. 

1. Emily Maynard: Key Lime Pie 

Nothing could describe this Southern sweetheart more than the classic American dessert: key lime pie. She may have a graham cracker crust, but once you get to know her, you'll find her heart is as soft as the lime custard within. 

2. Sean Lowe: Cornbread 

Sean is just a great being — like cornbread. You really can't go wrong with Sean, just like you can't go wrong with a warm, sweet slice of cornbread. 

3. Desiree Hartstock: Blackberry Lime Cupcake

As sweet and amazing as Desiree is, she proved to be an acquired taste on the show. Like a cupcake, it seemed like fate that she would meet her match soon, but the wedding dress designer had trouble.

Her unique flavor, similar to that of a blackberry lime cupcake, didn't quite suit Brooks Forester, who she thought was the one. By the end, however, she found her perfect match, Chris Siegfried, who embraces her for her special flavor to this day.

4. Juan Pablo: Flan

Juan may be sweet and funny (jajaja), but the depth he went into on the show is about as light as a piece of flan. Flan is a relatively shallow dessert (by no means deep and rich like a chocolate cake), made of simply eggs, milk, vanilla, and sugar.

Similar to flan, many of the girls on his season felt he was made up of surface-level talk and lacked substance, making them question whether he was really there for the right reasons.

5. Andi Dorfman: Dark Chocolate Bark

Sassy yet sweet, smart yet fun, nothing fits Andi more than some bomb dark chocolate bark. As an accomplished woman who has been through a lot, she serves as an inspiration for us all.

Like bark, her exterior is hard because of her tough past relationships (shaky relationship with her ex Josh Murray etc.), but when she meets the right person, she'll heat up and melt just like chocolate. 

6. Chris Soules: Fried Chicken and Waffles

Like chicken and waffles, Chris has a variety of drastically different qualities that come together exquisitely to make the perfect combo. Just like traditional Southern chicken and waffles have migrated up north to cities like NYC and Chicago, Chris should definitely consider relocating from his small town — if he wants to meet someone that will actually want to live with him.

7. Kaitlyn Bristowe: Salted Caramel Bourbon Milkshake 

Kaitlyn is my spirit animal. There is no one more dope than her. She's funky, cool, and accepting, which makes a salted caramel bourbon milkshake the perfect treat to represent her fun and edgy spirit. 

8. Ben Higgins: Vanilla Cupcake 

Ohhh, Ben. What a cutie. You see, Ben is awesome, but on-screen he could come off a little bland at times. He was so nice, but he lacked the edge that I was looking for. Ben was similar to a vanilla cupcake on the show; very pleasant and sweet, but a bit basic.

9. JoJo Fletcher: Strawberry Shortcake

JoJo is the definition of America's sweetheart. That is why there is no better dessert to describe her other than a fun, light, and sweet strawberry shortcake. 

10. Nick Viall: Dark Chocolate Pistachio Cookie

By no means is this guy basic, so nothing describes Nick's quirky, sensitive, and complicated personality better than a dark chocolate pistachio cookie. He's sweet with just a little nuttiness added in. 

Who will be the next bachelorette? What will her dessert be? Honestly, I hope it's Corrine because I actually love Corrine. If it is her, I'm going to have to go with Baked Alaska. She's fun and can get a little cray cray at times, just like how Baked Alaska always takes the dessert game to the next level — ya know, being lit on fire and all.