Most people say that the key to living a long life is to be incredibly healthy, yet this isn't exactly the case for the oldest woman alive. If you're wondering, her name is Emma Morano and she's 117 years old from Italy. What makes her the oldest woman alive and stand out from the crowd is that every day she eats two eggs and two eggs only with the occasional cookie.

Her reason behind eating two eggs a day is because as stated in this article, "a doctor advised her that it would be good for her health when she was diagnosed with anemia at the age of 20."

What are the benefits of eating eggs?

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Sarah Haselhorst

One of the main benefits of eating eggs would be that they're packed with protein. Regardless of our age and health, we all need protein to help us get through each day. Another benefit of eating eggs would be that they help with our eye health. With this being said, our eyes will only become stronger with each egg that we consume and our eyes are pretty important.

How can eggs be prepared?

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Caroline Alexander

Some of the most popular ways to prepare eggs would be to scramble them, turn them into an omelette, boil, poach, or to leave them be as the raw eggs that they are. One of the things that all five of those methods have in common is that they're some of the best ways to cook an egg.

If you're flat out tired of eating eggs in any of the ways that I've mentioned in the previous paragraph — that's fine. Want to know why? Because there are 10 other ways to eat eggs for dinner instead of breakfast. #majorscore

Would I be able to eat only two eggs a day?

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Kristine Mahan

The answer to that would be no. Although I'd love to eat eggs everyday, I feel like I'd be starving for the remainder of the day. As my mom keeps saying, "whenever you starve, purposefully or not, your body holds onto what you last ate, which will only make you gain weight."