I'm going to bet my life's savings that you haven't heard of a Pizza Pizzazz before (unless you have, then I take it back). It truly is something that I didn't know I needed in my life until my roommate was sent one from one of her high school teachers, who claimed that it got her through college. I was skeptical at first. It doesn't look like a life-changing gadget...

But it is.

No, really. I promise.

Coming from a family that ate frozen pizzas a couple of times a month (at least), I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of said meal option. Burnt edges with a soggy middle, a weirdly dried-up crust that folds up on itself - you name it. So, I wasn't sold on this strange little contraption immediately. However, once my roommate and I made a pizza on it, I became a self-proclaimed Pizzazz loyalist. I even got one that following Christmas and used it with everyone I possibly could. It was life-changing, I swear.

The Pizza Pizzazz (formally called the Pizzazz Plus from Presto) is essentially an open rotating pizza oven. There are two heating coils, one on the top and one on the bottom, that cook the pizza so evenly it's insane. You can use either or both of the coils, depending on what exactly you're making. The pizza just spins around and around for about 15 minutes, and then like magic, it's done. You don't even have to preheat it. And guess what? It dings when the pizza is finished. It is absolutely adorable.

The manual gives directions for cooking frozen chicken wings, chicken nuggets, jalapeno poppers, pizza rolls, breaded fish fillets, cinnamon rolls, cookies, quesadillas, grilled sandwiches, roasted vegetables, AND MORE. I've made pancakes on it, too. It's a jack-of-all-trades type of appliance.

But wait, there's more!

You might be asking "can't an oven do all of that?" Of course it can, it's the O.G. kitchen appliance. But if you want a perfectly-cooked pizza, don't feel like heating up the entire house with a 350 degree oven, want easy cleanup, and/or need food fast, this should be your go-to. It runs for about $40, so really you have no excuse to skip out on this one.

Back when I ate pizza for a week straight, this thing was my best friend. It made more appearances on my snapchat story than my actual friends that week:

Jayne Siudzinski

I'm convinced that there's nothing the Pizza Pizzazz can't cook.

If you aren't sold on how delightful this gadget is by now, you're a lost cause and I hope that it keeps you up at night wondering if there's any truth to what I'm saying (spoiler: there is). Especially if you're living in a dorm and don't have reliable access to an oven, this is a great thing to have around. Even better is that it's quick and super easy to clean. Perks on perks on perks with this one.

$40 in exchange for a lifetime of happiness seems like a pretty good deal to me. That's all I'm saying.