Girls love chocolate. This is an undisputed fact that has withstood the tests of time. That being said, girls have exceptional palettes when it comes to tasting chocolate. It is that time of year again with Valentine's Day fast approaching, millions of people are flocking to the stores to buy chocolate for their significant other. But the question is to where are they flocking. Godiva?? The grocery store?? Dare I say...CVS? Believe it or not people, chocolate and your relationship have a direct correlation.

People take caution in your choices. What you buy is saying something about your relationship and you want to make sure you are getting the right message across. 


An acceptable choice. On the quality scale, I give it an 7/10. He obviously values you enough to think outside the box and shell out a couple extra bucks to make you feel special on your day. If it is a new relationship, it is a good indication that you two are heading in the right direction since he is recognizing the quality of his gifts. If this is an older relationship, perhaps wonder if maybe its time that he steps his game up in buying something a little less generic?

Drug Store Candy

Hm, might be time to re-evaluate the relationship if he is buying you M&M's, Twix, Snickers etc. I mean c'mon. If you really wanted, you could afford to buy yourself $1.29 candy bar any day of the week, you don't a man to do that. So what is your boyfriend doing wasting this once a year holiday on everyday candy!! Don't let the fact that he bought you the king-size sway you from the fact that this is just plain wrong. Anyone buying you drug store candy is not someone you need to keep around. Know your worth ladies.  

Local Chocolate Store

There is something very authentic about this choice. If he is buying you candy from a chocolate store in your town or his town, it means the gift is personal and that a lot of thought went into this. He thinks your worth a thoughtful gift on Valentine's and that in itself speaks volumes about his feelings. Unless the store is known for notoriously bad chocolate. Then, maybe not so much. 

La Maison Du Chocolat

The quickest and fastest way to my (and any girl's for that matter) heart is through a singular Sylvia from La Masion Du Chocolate. If he is buying you chocolate from here, this boy really loves you. But more than that, he understands you. He understands that you as girl shouldn't have to settle for mediocre chocolate. This is your day. You deserve nothing but the best, and that is what you are going to get it, even if he may or may not have to break his bank to afford it. Any man who is buying you La Maison Du Chocolat is a man that I would not let go of.