It seems like everyone has exciting travel plans for the summer except you. We get it, saving money in college is hard and traveling is expensive. But don’t worry, you can plan the trip of your dreams without breaking the bank. Sure, flights are expensive (though less expensive on Tuesdays), but once you’ve reached these destinations you’ll spend shockingly little. Here are the 9 of the cheapest places to travel, based on exchange rates with the US dollar.

1. Thailand


Photo courtesy of Heinreich Damm

The average cost of travel in Thailand  is $15-$30 per day which includes the cost of food and of going out at night. Of course, this number varies based on where you go. If you go to touristy beaches for example, you might spend a bit more. Food in Thailand is particularly cheap, and a fine meal costs about $15. Imagine how little you’d spend by eating only street food. Overall, whether you hit the cities or the beaches or both, you can’t go wrong in Thailand.

2. Russia


Photo by Emma Glubiak

Russia may not seem like the most conventional of places for US travelers, but its rich history, beautiful art and architecture, and incredible food (who knew Russia had a thriving sushi scene) will make it worth your while. Be warned: at $140, getting your Visa will be one of the most expensive parts of your trip. The average cost of travel in Russia is about $50 per day, which is more expensive than some other places on this list but still significantly less than, say, London or NYC.

Whether you go to Moscow or St. Petersburg, you can’t go wrong. I mean c’mon, this is a country that was drinking vodka in the 9th century.

3. Argentina


Photo courtesy of Toksave

The average  daily cost of travel in Argentina is $25. Hit up some thrift stores in Buenos Aires or go hiking in Patagonia. Whatever location or activity you choose, rest easy knowing it won’t be too expensive. Also, you can get a good sized meal for $11. You know what that means? Extra money for mate, Argentina’s delicious tea.

4. India


Photo by Emma Glubiak

It’s no secret that Indian food is delicious, and now it’s scientifically proven to be better than most other cuisines. If you don’t trust me, take the word of Spoon University’s New Delhi chapter, which writes about everything from Indian street food to food festivals. Aside from the food, India gives you a chance to see a wonder of the world, beautiful fabrics and jewelry, and other priceless experiences. Plus, the average daily cost of travel is only $25, which means this trip is more than worth it.

5. Hungary


Photo courtesy of Sarah Baer

If your heart is set on a European summer adventure, Hungary should be your go-to spot. The average daily cost for a budget traveler in Budapest is $34. Try to get to Hungary in the next few years because they will likely convert to the Euro soon. Hungarian food is about way more than goulash, and you won’t have to empty your wallet in order to fill your stomach.

6. China


Photo by Sarah Baer

At $86, the average daily cost of travel in China is a bit steeper than other places on this list, but it’s well worth it. In what other country can you experience thousands of years of history and modern metropolises all in one place? Go shopping in Shanghai, walk on the Great Wall, and eat some authentic food. Don’t be expecting the take out you get in the US, this is a completely different ball game.

7. Canada


Photo courtesy of Clare Kennedy

Canada is a great option for Americans (especially those in the north) who want to get away but can’t necessarily afford a flight. The average daily cost of budget travel in Canada is $38. Pop over to Montreal or Quebec City for a taste of Europe in North America. Spoon McGill has tons of great info on Montreal restaurants. If you’re looking for warmer temps and incredible shopping then Toronto is the place for you.

8. Nepal


Photo courtesy of Jean-Marie Hullot

The average daily cost of travel in Nepal is $26 a day. This is a great spot for people who love hiking and being outdoors since one of the most beautiful aspects of Nepal is its scenery. I mean, we are talking about the Himalayas, here. You can even climb to the Mt. Everest base-camp. Make sure to look into the current political climate in Nepal before booking your trip since protests due to fuel shortages and other diplomatic disputes are ongoing.

9. South Africa


Photo courtesy of Flannery Keenan

From wineries to beaches to safaris, South Africa really has something for every kind of traveler. The average daily cost is $86, which is relatively low when you consider what an amazing place South Africa really is. Go out for food and drinks in Cape Town or try a safari in Kruger National Park. No matter what you do, one thing is for sure – after you leave South Africa, your memories of this beautiful country will last forever.