There are many ways to enjoy the art of storytelling. Some people enjoy watching films while others prefer to listen to podcasts or audiobooks, but there are few that still enjoy the art of literature and the feel of a solid book (or eReader) in your hands. So what could make curling up with your favorite book even better? With snacks! (Duh.) Pair these snacks with your favorite genre for some much-needed down time. 

True Crime: Wine and Cheese

alcohol, beer, tea, wine
Bernard Wen

There's something intriguing about an unsolved crime novel. It's like you're the detective who has to put all of the pieces of a puzzle together. It's fascinating to see the viewpoint of the antagonist and why they committed the crime. For the Murderinos out there, wine and cheese will make you feel as sophisticated as Sherlock himself while you try to work out the details of an unsolved crime novel. 

Horror: Pizza

sauce, crust, pepperoni, cheese, pizza
Kyle Wizner

Reading a good thriller is hands down one of the best ways to end a rough a day. It doesn't matter if it's fiction or nonfiction, just as long as we can get an adrenaline rush every time we see a shadow. There's just something interesting about the possibility of the boogeyman lurking in the closet, and a good horror novel is one of the best ways to achieve that almost euphoric level of paranoia.

Horror is a classic genre, so it only makes sense that the best way to keep up with the thrill of the chase is by snacking on this classic dish (just try not to get the pages covered in marinara sauce). 

Fantasy: Chocolate Chip Cookies

sweet, milk, cookie, chocolate
Krysten Dorfman

Sometimes we all need a good fairy tale to transport us to a world of magic and make-believe, away from the reality of exams and rent. These stories can range from happy and whimsical to morbid and terrifying. If you're anything like me, fairy tales played a HUGE part in your childhood, just like these chocolate chip cookies. When it comes to dragons and princesses, the best way to enjoy these tales of adventure is with a healthy dose of nostalgia.

Science Fiction: Cheesy Shrimp Nachos

seafood, sauce, shrimp, vegetable, meat
Katherine Richter

Let your imagination wander while reading about the unknown and the stretches of human innovation. With tales of deep sea or deep space adventures to stories of our technology turning against us, science fiction is often a complicated genre, with an equally complicated mix of real science and pseudoscience. These books usually have elaborate plots, so why not pair it with an elaborate snack full of chips, cheese, and shrimp? 

Action and Adventure: Sriracha Popcorn

wheat, meat, kettle corn, rice, cereal, corn, popcorn
Erica Coulter

This genre takes us away from reality and transports us to a world of excitement and exploring. The ideal snack for watching an action film is also great for reading one. Add some Sriracha to give it a good kick as you read of cursed temples or high-speed chases.

Young Adult: Blueberry Crumb Bars

berry, sweet
Alia Wilhelm

No one is ever too old to read a YA novel. These books usually have well developed characters and great plot lines without being too complex, so they can be a great way to wind down when you're not in the mood for a tough read or super complex plots.

With classic series like "Harry Potter," "A Series of Unfortunate Events," or a Judy Blume novel, we can find ourselves just as mesmerized as we were during the first reading, even if our reading taste and level has changed. However, sometimes we grow too attached to the characters and our hearts crumble when the novel ends, but at least the sweetness of these bars will be a good distraction.

The beauty of reading is that we're able to see the story the way we want. What better way to bring your imagination to life than with these snacks?