Summer is the time where we can be young, wild, and free. We are free to stay out late, go to the club, Netflix and chill, get a tan at the beach. However, the worst part is that we compromise our health. We often miss breakfast AKA the most important meal of the day. Here are 18 smoothie recipes that will help you power through the day when you’re running on zero hours of sleep. These recipes take less than 10 minutes to make and will keep you afloat for all your summer activities.



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Have a hangover that’s slowing down your morning routine? Smoothies with blueberries are a great morning pick-me-up if you’re feeling drowsy. Blueberries contain flavonoids that accompany in the flow of oxygen to the brain, thus keeping your mind alert. Try these: Blueberry and AgavePeanut Butter BlueberryBlueberry Brain Booster.




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Are you feeling anxious and stressed for your summer internship? Avocados contain high levels of B vitamins and potassium, which help alleviate stress and blood pressure. Make these: Vegan Avocado MangoCreamy AvocadoPower Hour Pick-Me-Up.

Green Tea  


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When you think of summer drinks, iced tea may come to mind. Try putting tea leaves in your smoothie. Tea leaves help promote a state of calmness and alertness due to an amino acid called L-Theanine. Switch up your routine with these: Green Tea and BerryLipton Fruity Green TeaFrozen Matcha Green Tea.



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Taking summer classes? A raspberry smoothie is definitely what you need to ace ’em. Smoothies with raspberries are an essential ingredient because raspberries carry anthocyanin, a chemical that helps improve your memory. Give these a try: Raspberry and OatmealRaspberry MangoRaspberry-Vanilla.



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Trying to stay healthy this summer? Put nuts in your smoothie. Nutrients found in various nuts can help boost your immune system, which may be lowered due to stress. Recipes here: Replenish SmoothieAntioxidant Wake-Up SmoothieStrawberry and Almond.



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Got a summer midterm you haven’t studied for? Cacao has shown to have tiny traces of caffeine, which help boost your energy levels allowing you to pull an all-nighter. Get your chocolate fix with these: Chocolate Banana NutCashew Butter Blueberries ‘n CreamChocolate Almond Kiss Dessert Smoothie.